Recuerdos that jamas is marchitam | POEMCHALLENGE by @margaretwise "

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Recuerdos that jamas is marchitam

I give turning my mouth my stern of peace
To faith that I have split lips
Like a great sea like a sea
My sternum hurts the deep liver
I give my pipe to the fruit seller
While injured riding the blow
in heart that I reserve for you pamorrosa
This eye that can not see itself But as a reflection of the other
These knees this chest these wings amputated
On the burned back
You about who I put this sheet lined with pure feelings
When I looked at those bled knees
Sick ankles I can not do anything with this empty toast
Tired of meditating on human alignments
The philosopher urinated upside down
Those pieces of skin were sparked
like comets escaped to their fate
Lost in forbidden media in empty tonnels
Coated with cold concrete sheets
Just two eyes that light
Naked pancreas tucked up to the soul
Tremor that breaks the last wave in bone
Once again Grandpa's cheekbones came out looking for me
When I only comforted his stories of the sea
And his endless hands on the fabric of the hammock
That hat and cane that did not lengthen
And again the crossing to the tiny star dropped at my feet
From time to time when as a blow everything was real again
I count only a part of the insignificant adventures of the eye
For once in life they become fireflies and their flight looks like a music



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Emotions were intertwined with reality
My veins are braided
And they squeezed in my throat.
Tears followed in silence

Unbelievable writing my friends. Thank you very much and Congratulations on the creative pen filled with beautiful simplicity as well as the depth to which you should drown.


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