Poemchallenge by @margaretwise; Feel!

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I would like to give you an inexhaustible kiss,

to remember the feeling, the things that came and stayed.

You instilled in me the eternal love, more than anything else,

with you is to be well and not feel the pain,

just love.

Feel that your hand caresses me, and my body shakes,

feel that your dream is my desire, and that I want to protect it,

to feel that your gaze is my rest, because I rest as an exhausted child,

feel that your name is my song, because it always resonates in my heart,

feel that your soul is my gift, I care for it as a treasure,

feel that you exist, and you love me.

Just feel that I live to love you ...


Poemchallenge by @margaretwise you can find the contest here

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