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Entry #1

We are living in a world of crazies,
as if our sanity is downright lost,
our mouths are full of stingy honeybees,
and our whole humanity has no cost.
Twists and turns are our own yellow-brick road,
where it will lead us to our own demise,
we never question our insanity,
nor we question something that makes us wise.
You might never notice this hell-bent world,
you might never feel our pain and torment,
but this is what we call the real-world,
where you have forced yourself to circumvent.
In the end, hierarchy is what prevails,
and what is left of us is our own tales.

Sonnet by Victoria L.

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Nice read. Some days I feel like this more than others. Life is definitely interesting but worth the trip.

There are some crazies in the world for sure! But not as many as you think because the crazies make all the news while the normal decent people go about their day not making any news, just moving forward with their lives. :)

I wonder what thoughts are in your head; what influences your articles. That's pretty much my reaction to all your posts. :)

Whatever's going on, it's pretty cool, and I thank you for sharing with us!