The talking wind

in poem •  3 months ago

On a very good night
At the top of my roof
Where my poor self was laid in quietness
HE came knocking and barking
On the mouth and ears of my innocent hut
Annoyingly, I broke out of my sleep
To see who has cone
I peeped from my crying window
Lo and behold he speaks

That was the tone
That was the whisper
That was the melody
That was the sound
That was the thunderous clap
Of a very angry talking wind

My heart collapsed and I became very scared
Wondering and pondering in my heart
If nature has come to subdue nature
Here he comes again, as if it was expected
Doubling its horrifying and terrifying might
Pulling down trees that crosses its path
Making plants and herbs to bow
Making the hearts of the heavens
To want to loose its grip and rain.

That was the sound
That was the whisper
That was the melody
That was the tone
Of an angry talking wind.

Nature life poetry writing

Until next time, I remain @osigbhemeh


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nice post i like it

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