The Long Drive- Original Poetry- The U.S.S. MinnowPROSE!

in poem •  7 months ago

It's true, I crave your eyes on me.
Slipping into the shadows, dripping with your stares.
You make me feel alive, in this moment.
Caught in the afterglow.

Why can't you want me like the other ones do?
They stare at me but I only want you.
Taking steps on this lonely stage.
Dancing by myself.

Let's just go back to the start.
Back to the time I had you safe in my silver cage.
I'm crazy for craving you like this.
My eyes have bullets that just won't miss.

Staring down the road that leads to you.
Driving all night, fingers slick on the wheel.
I have something to say that's hard to explain.
But these words burning in my chest, give such pain.

Going to show you where it's dark, but have no fear.
Lean on my shoulder, we will make it my dear.
Rollin like a stone ain't so tough.
Just point the tyres downhill.

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Thank you sir very nice for you to post. Your post is so beautiful you can post very well from your post i can learn something new thank you very much

You caught me in the love web
Now i cant get you off my mind
Lets take a ride on this journey together
Following the path love leads us to

Hehee.... M not a poet doh but sometimes when am broken down or feel sad.... Writing poems is a good antidote for me. Does it happen that way to you?

Strong words :) Been MIA for a while, glad to see you guys are doing good and writing still! Keep on, keeping on.