I didnt have idea what to write so i write only what i like to write and what i have the idea to write

in poem •  last year 

Dont bash me, i open my steemit, i stare my screen, i want to write somthing,
but i didnt have idea what to write so i just write, if you like you can read,
if not you can turn to something else, i write this with my hosnest hart,
sorry for my broken english, later maybe i write with my own languange.

looks like poem but this is not poem this is half expression what i think and what i feel,
i just write follow my finger, what my head thinking, this is actually my training to write something sincerely and honestly....in english...

Yeahhh! I made it..! I write something! Lol...When i write this it is smile on my face,
before this my face are quite tense, but when i start to write this there is a bit smile in my face,
yeaa...and my hand keep flowing on writing smoothly,
sorry again about my broken english...

So now i have release something in writing...

My advice for you that didnt even write even for 1 word or sentence, start write...lol :-] ;-]

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