Love Letter for Mother _ P O E M

in #poem4 years ago (edited)

Love Letter for Mother

Mak, god slap me, PLAK
That's for me trapped, BRAK
I'm falling, Mak

I'm fighting, I grimaced
On your lap, Mak
I groan, pardon
On your hug, Mak

Once I flew
Leave you with anger
Promise that I will win from our debate

But, Mak
I lost, I'm floating
God turns a blind eye
For me to see

My blood is your blood
The flesh that binds me is your flesh
I think that's hard also your mind
My strong heart is your heart

We are the same, Mak
You are aging is my teacher to learn
You are now fragile, is my love to be strong
Your smile is my power to overcome the world

I'm grateful, Mak
God still loves me, like you too
Violence of my heart conquered me to love you
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