A glass of emotions

in poem •  5 months ago


Open the mouth of my heart
Let me pour you a cup of my pain

Like a shadow in the dark
I've drowned so many times

At the expense of my being
I've burnt so many lines


The bridges of love that I've broken
In frantic search for freedom and serenity

Unintended, misunderstood
Being deemed fit a misfit

Caught up in the realms of a culprit
Like an Eastern coral snake

You hate to love
but love to hate

Pass me that red bottle of emotions
Let me fill your cup with the wine of my pain

Seven times she died
Six times I watched her go
The seventh time

She never came back
That very night the moon lost its gleam
The earth stood quite still

For what tears the eye
Than the battle of soul and mind

Take a sit on my chair of desire
Walk in my shoes of passion

Feel this heart of gold and precious imaginations
beat within the chambers of your embrace

Put on the robe of my dreams
Maybe only then will you find me

In the essence of all the unspoken words
Running in the future with my shoes in the present

Take a look at this mirror
If what you see is all you see
then you haven't seen everything

For what shall it profit a man to gain the world and loose his own soul?mark 8:36

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