Descent ~ An Original Poem

in poem •  10 months ago


descending upon
humanity's struggle
ships of hollow discs
shadowing cities
people scatter
mayhem runs rampant
missiles explode beneath
never reaching

ships descend lower
gun metal crafts landing
tiny center plate hovers down
awestruck citizens gaze
witnessing the unexpected
for green men are not
but horned red creatures
with void black eyes

Image from kellepics on Pixabay

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void black - perfect!


Thanks! It felt like a good way to say what I saw.

As always, I enjoy your poetry. Keep it coming.


Thank you kind sir <3

Brings to mind the book "Childhood's End". One of my favorite reads. Thanks!


This was my thought, too. When Carillan reveals how the Overlords look. Mind-blown.

There is a 3-part series based on the books, and it's really well done, too.


Never heard of that book. I'll have to check it out <3


Childhood's End, by Arthur C Clarke. Definitely one of the best SciFi books I have ever read. It's short, can be devoured in an afternoon.

From Wikipedia:
'Completed and published in 1953, Childhood's End sold out its first printing, received good reviews, and became Clarke's first successful novel. The book is often regarded by both readers and critics as Clarke's best novel,[2] and is described as "a classic of alien literature".[3] Along with The Songs of Distant Earth (1986), Clarke considered Childhood's End to be one of his favourites of his own novels.[4] The novel was nominated for the Retro Hugo Award for Best Novel in 2004.

Several attempts to adapt the novel into a film or miniseries have been made with varying levels of success. Director Stanley Kubrick expressed interest in the 1960s, but collaborated with Clarke on 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) instead. The novel's theme of transcendent evolution also appears in Clarke's Space Odyssey series. In 1997, the BBC produced a two-hour radio dramatization of Childhood's End that was adapted by Tony Mulholland. The Syfy Channel produced a three-part, four-hour television mini-series of Childhood's End, which was broadcast on December 14–16, 2015.'


for green men are not
I won't get all conspiracy on you, but great line.
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