Supernova flames of love

in poem •  5 months ago

Original poem by @flysky


Illusion, obsession or curious
Mighty sailor is lost in her wild planet
Garden of forbidden fruits of lust with
Never seen before a flower , fire rose.

Supernova flames are in sailors veines
Giving life essence energy burst and flow
Everything is expected and not
Emotions are very high, silence of love.


Taken by this never seen star beauty
Following challenge but not his mind
Looking for answers, unspoken ones
He made first step of his space ship.

Melody of music of ancient love queens
Vibration with flamy waves of her heart
Steps are feather light up in the air
Dancing in ring of fire of her pure heart.


Original images and poem by @flysky

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The love flame on planet earth

is the fire of love present in human life?

The burning fire in human life begins from the heart that always gives the meaning that is always stored in the beautiful garden in the craving longing, the meaning of a belief in human life.

What is the beauty of Stars in the sky giving energy?

The beauty of the stars in the sky gives prosperity that gives the positive essence, which is capable of changing human life. The signature gives the full force that answers all the words of illusion.


The melody of music that gives meaning to love and affection that will change human life, waves of prosperity to those who believe in the reality of life

Amazing .Thanks for share this . Upvote and Resteemed it . Thanks

Very thoughtful... but i didnt understand one thing.."Mighty sailor is lost in her wild planet" what did you mean by her wild planet..let me know if its not much of an hassle..

Hey sir wow you are looking like a rockstar.

reading poetry @flysky times i kind of feeling the effects of love so powerful, can make someone more powerless, have the power to promote something fantastic