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"I love you" he said, lips smacked and eyes glistened
It was easy, these three words as they flew out
In guided discare, while I sat with my ears tuned
For to hear again this strange visitation of Cupid

The first time it happened, I was just off the teenagers hook
Sully had this charm that was hard to brook
I remember the day when first our hands shook
My heart did race back and forth as if chased by some spook
In that brief moment the world did stand still while he my hands took
And squeezed out every resistance I had before read in the book
And thence he had led me to his nook
Where red game was cooked
A fountain out of which the sweet red wines of love was scooped
But alas, Sully's love turned out a crook!

"James is different, you gotta give him a chance"

Was my conclusion after Friday's 'trance'
We had gone out for a night club dance
During a business trip to France
Don't know which caught me first: his thrilling voice or his pierceful glance
Eyes that shone as the desert sands
And sundered my earlier stance
Like the hart for the water brooks pants
So prayed my heart for this to be anything other than love pranks
But nay, Cupid's proud bows had again struck empty cans

And now, here comes a third thief
Promising the world to give
A shoulder whereon to grief
A life of cheerful bliss to live
Only a fool will fall for this a third time

Will he be there when these tears flow?
Shall he still stand by my side when the storms roar?
Or when the unpleasant details of me unfold?
When the tide is turned and the harbingers of death crow?
Be wary of who you let through
Cupid's eyes are both blinded; never let yours be so

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Good poem. Keep it up.


This can be made into song, believe me, the ryhme and the rythm sold it out.

Job well done boss.

Is it just me or is this cold inspired too 😂😂

That's a great poem to provide in this platform just a mind blowing dear friend..
So keep it up..