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original short poem
by @d-pend

tiny_gears 2.jpg

clockworks_and_gears_by_xquatrox-d4ap9qb 2.jpg

Fell scaffolding
Pixel by atom erected,
Resonate abysmal
In dual-chambered cavern:
Furnace funereal.

Twined hangar
Launching hypotheses
That die before morning's light,
Retreat to the certainty
Of enmeshment.

Under impossible pressure,
Maws caught on sawteeth.
We are that conjunctive,
Ontological absurdity
Of cogs entangled.



tiny_gears 3.jpg

Written by
Image sources:
"tiny gears" by radicaldad
"gears" by hifijohn
"clockwork and gears" by xquatrox

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gears_by_hifijohn 2.jpg

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"We are that conjunctive,
Ontological absurdity
Of cogs entangled"

Great line

Whenever I read a poem from you, I feel so far behind in the game of poetry. I would gladly listen to you speak about poetry. :)

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Under impossible pressure,
Maws caught on sawteeth.
We are that conjunctive,
Ontological absurdity
Of cogs entangled

Tell me about it, Daniel. Some days in the matrix aren't worth the wireless fees. LOL. This was wonderful piece of experimentation and word-smithing and as always the imagery was superb.


@d-pend & @prydefoltz,

I picked out those precise lines. I couldn't do better on the commentary. So ... what she said.


wow. you know what. english isn't my native tongue, and the way you write sometimes i got to scratch my head. and its wonderful. it means thought processes are happening in my brain. thank you othat. thats why i like poetry. it never lets mind rot away.

For some reason, as i saw the images of this post, i thought about Leo Marx's 1964 Machine in the Garden. This wonderful work of literary criticism that takes us for a walk along the American Renaissance and it's critique of the industrial revolution resonates nicely here.

I can see the negativity of the mechanized world and our obsession with logic, reason and scientifically proven facts. I can see the danger of the machine, of the factory expressed in words that highlight precisely the duality of knowledge that is supposed to free us, but which instead enslaves us some more.

fell, abysmal, funereal, die, enmeshment (key word here), impossible, maws. absurdity and entangled, other key words.

We seem to be trapped by our alleged intellectual superiority, but our hypothesis do not last a cosmic day.

We are always back to an ever entangled origin of lessons never learned, of question never answered satisfactorily.

A conjunction is supposed to give sense to a sentence, to make us makes sense of the arrangement of otherwise nonsensical utterances, and yet we have become this "ontological absurdity" that obscures rather than illuminate.

Can we save our land from ourselves?
For as long as this dual factory keeps working, the poem seems to answer in the negative.

Caught in the afterglow of the big bang.
Our particles dance eternal.
Entangled at the base.
Vibrations singing through time and space.

We weave a mysterious tapestry.
As our universe cools, shrinking.
Beyond the redshift, heat death.
We are all one and the same.


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Hello Bro Daniel, It's been so long we interacted, I am back once again :)

There is no doubt at all that you are among the top most and finest poets of the community and it's always an honor to comment on your blog. The way you expressed the things is really really appreciable and I just loved these amazing lines of yours,

Under impossible pressure,
Maws caught on sawteeth.
We are that conjunctive,
Ontological absurdity
Of cogs entangled.

Thank you so much for your awesome poem, stay blessed and enjoy the weekend :)