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original short poem
by @d-pend

these_stars_by_twiluv19-d41zpqz 2.jpg

dying_star_by_t1na-d9brh0e 3.jpg

An intimate gulf,
littered liberally with starstuff
yawns before the vast grid
of ovoid turing machines,
whirring their conceptions acrylic
through the aeons.

Through the void crank ribbons
of rugose lifetimes:
pocks glinting by starlight,
camoflauged by unfathomable depths
swimming motionless
through the sea of eternity.

dying_star_by_t1na-d9brh0e 4.jpg


these_stars_by_twiluv19-d41zpqz 3.jpg

Written by
Art created by:
1 ... "These Stars" by twiluv19 [edited, cropped]
2 ... "Moonlight Terminus" by AntonKurbatov
3 ... "Dying Star" by t1na

these_stars_by_twiluv19-d41zpqz 4.jpg



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Consistently good posts and poems.

From one collection of starstuff to another.


Oh man it's hard to understand 100% but at least, while I was reading this, my mind was flying through the Cosmos so you can say that the poem touched me a bit... Nice way to start a day! :)

Much Cosmic Love, bro!

Though short, it's kind of hard for me to understand in full. Lol, but i definitely find amusing because this might just be the first poetry i read over and over.

Thanks for the share @d-pend!

i dig this, you spake right in to ...i cant explain it. i dont know where it went but i got it! and funny how million people would interpret this in million different ways.

can i challenge you? i would like to see a poem of " good intentions" wrote by you. that would be great. thanks

These photos are insane... I’m trying to dream explore the universe tonight 😊

I’m going to sleep but I’ll comment on the poetry tomorrow !🙈

Spellbounding pictures and Equally amazing poetry 👍👌

Cosmic Computation; an overwhelming title.
I have always been dumbfounded by the cosmos and by computing. Those geniuses who have been able to come up with ideas to help understand those two or at least to get some kind of technological advancement from the study (even if most mortals do not get it) of the cosmos and computation deserve all our admiration and eternal gratitude.
For some reason, the movie Imitation Game came to my mind. The sad story of a genius ruined by human ignorance and intolerance. If i am not misreading or reading too much into this, the "turing machines" cannot be a coincidence/accident.

Alan Turing came up with the concept and developed the foundations for modern computer science and AI.
Going along with that reading, i can see the

intimate gulf,
littered liberally with starstuff

as his internal conflict and the way English society (still) in the 40s and 50s saw homosexuality.

The "whirring" of "conceptions", unlike the data of his machine, far from decoding mysterious messages, obscured and corroded "through the aeons" with the pungency of chemical that castrate the pride of those who do not owe the world an apology.

The wrinkles in time, the fight against conformity, punished with "pocks glinting by starlight," lead to proud self-annihilation.

We may never be able to grasp the "unfathomable depth" of creation. How to? We have not even been able to understand and accept the simplicity of human desires.

The astonishment at the magnificence of unfathomable interstellar space gives a surreal character to the magic of feeling the cosmos as our part. So close and so far, at the same time. The eternity emptied inside each living being. The geological record of the layers of the earth, leaving a record of why the colors reflected in our sky. The increase in the concentration of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere, the formation of the ozone layer; they are processes that have been changing the vision of terrestrial sky, as we see it today and that are susceptible to be recreated by computerized processes. However, the fascination we feel to contemplate the night sky is old and infinite because it is part of our essence. We are universe.

"...swimming motionless" seems not to make sense, however, it is poetry and sounds good. Can you explain it?

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ovoid turing machines

I thought of human beings.

Ovoid > Auric Agg
Turing Machines > that's us

Christ, I've been spending too much time reading d-pend poems. ;-)