Just A Whisker Away

in #poem4 years ago

Take a walk on the sunny side, there's joy for you, there's joy for me. The Sun's smiling on you, it is smiling on me. Happy thoughts, only happy thoughts. There's pleasure for you and there's pleasure for me.


The world is changing, I can't tell where we're going but it certainly is changing. i can't tell where we're going but it is certainly with you. I can't tell where we're going but i'm holding your hand all through.

Sleep is elusive, it no longer comes to me. There's no respite because I toil incessantly for you. Time ticks it all away and brings me back to the bottom, the bottom of no where, with only this broken bottle dripping the dreams I had of you.

A dreary night but daylight is nigh. There's no time to whine or cry. There's no time to mourn those that die. There's just wings and a bottle of whiskey, let us drink and fly.

We're at the precipice, swimming at the nadir, in this vessel that is sustained through the flow of this crimson life force. We think we know but we don't, just hopeless sailors passing by in the night. It all changes in a flash, now you're boarded, no longer jaded, hearts connected and happiness just a whisker away.


Thanks Tamara. It was inspired by love

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