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RE: Path of Exile time again, which means it must be time for a HC challenge!

in #poecomp2 years ago

Glad to have you onboard, @ratticus. Looks like you wrecked Betrayal. If you can get to Kitava in 24 hours that'll be quite the achievement. I've made it there with a hardcore character, but it took me weeks :)


It's certainly an ambitious goal. Honestly I'll be happy to get past Dominus, who's the first boss I tend to struggle with

I went back to have another attempt at Dominus in Standard since DoNotDieLinny died. I don't expect to get past Dominus. I'm kinda bummed about it. :(

Don't be too bummed about that. Dominus is truely dangerous and has claimed the lives of so many. In one of the HC races I've left a guy at the point of Dominus, just so he was alive. As soon as the race was over, attempted the fight and was so easily overwhelmed by him. One of those cases where not pushing on more was good judgement

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