Our biggest win yet. Congratulations Gamingchimp - 100 STEEM headed your way.

in poecomp •  3 months ago

With only 5 in the mix I expected to see a few more names on the leaderboard, but it's not hard to stumble and run out of time.. and light.


First, top effort from @enjar, getting a heirophant/Templar to level 59, and @moon32walker with a level 57 necromancer/witch.
@thegoliath, great work for a first timer, getting your templar up to 32.
Loved the streams, mate. How many deaths did you get on there?

I'd like to string together footage of all the streamed deaths and heartbreaking reactions, and add to it with each race.

In the end, there were only two winners;

Templar: @gamingchimp, 67 - Also highest level overall.
Shadow: @cryptosenpai 37
Marauder: @cryptosenpai 37
Scion: @gamingchimp 37
Ranger: @cryptosenpai 43
Duelist: @gamingchimp 35
Witch: @gamingchimp 64

Gamingchimp is our biggest winner yet, with 4 classes and the overall prize, for a total of 100 STEEM.
Transaction id:

Cryptosenpai picks up the remaining 3 classes and the other 60 STEEM.
Transaction id:

I really enjoy running these.
Each race is its own beast, with the new league mechanics and different number and skill level of competitors.
We don't know how much practice somebody may have had between races, so everyone is a threat.

Big thanks to the competitors.
You're how this works. You're how all of this works.

As long as I follow @the-canary, you'll know I'm posting freely.

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Man I had such bad luck this time. Had two big road trips during saturday and sunday, managed to squeeze in only a couple of hours back then. Monday is where I had time, but @gamingchimp was just too far ahead against my 57 necro. Also my ranger got rekt during Malachai fight, very very heart breaking moment. She was 43 and will be remembered.
It feels kinda bad seeing lvl 35 and 37s take the prize, but what can you do. These two guys wrecked the competition so gg guys. Next run I'll show you :)


That's gotta sting considering how small the field was.
Still, that may have spurred your competitors to greater effort. Tough beat man.


I woke up Monday morning and then I instantly checked the levels and it was rather frightening to see you at 43 with labyrinth. I have to say I jumped out of bed(while murmuring some colourful language :D) so quickly to start playing that I didn't even read whether it was still SSF HC or Standard under your name at that time. So I decided to finish the trials to have a chance and in Imperial Gardens, after it was done, I managed to open a portal where every single spike could hit me. Almost died there and only after that I checked again and realised something has happened to your character. That could have been a hell of a twist. 2 ranger deaths both at lvl 43. Fresh start at the last day. :)

Btw, have you tried the mines? It felt like a late game thing that would be rewarding only if you go down dozens of levels.

Ggwp everyone!

And also, thank you @mattclarke for doing the POE races, these are awesome!


I will try mines with my necro that is still alive mos definitely. It is way too experimental to go in with hc character during steem competition :)


The mines were great for some early game gear and stockpiling for other characters too. Can get earlier level orange gear, but I never went higher than 5 levels below my level because I didn't want to die. :D

This race was just as amazing as the last two ones, @mattclarke!
A lot effort was needed to win these prices (and a pretty huge amount of luck too! :D) I managed to get a wanderlust, and a tabula rasa later on leveling my templar which made the whole thing possible for me. I really enjoy playing these, and I'm also really happy that these three days were this successful. I wanted to make a post about my progression, but if I did I probably wouldn't have been able to have 5 characters on the winner's list.
Congrats to everyone guys, and thank you for your generous rewards, @mattclarke! I had a blast! :)


Always a pleasure to have you in the competition, mate. Well done on a resounding victory.
I think that's where @enjar trips himself up. He does these massive, involved posts, which are fantastic to read, but they have to take a long time.


I could have pushed harder instead of farming. I need to pick a different class next time if there is one. Something not so known for being a great league starter. There where opperuntiys I could have taken in the contest but I focused on just 1 guy.

I was tempted to go for shadow as well as I was starting to fall behind. From the last races I know the guy who plays the shadow can also take it much further then I have.

The posts where like 1-1.5 hour each to make at best. It was very tricky this time around since I'm now co-running a gaming community on top of things. I just can't let those guys be ignored for 3 days. Still no excess I could gone harder and taken more risks!


I noticed that community. Seems to be going well for you mate :)
Hard to be torn. There's no way I could field a decent attempt in this race, with a full time job and a white picket fence. Great to jump in and watch some streams for a bit though.


One of these days you will find the time and crush us all!

If not almost sounds like you are living the American dream over there with a white picket fence. I’ve always pictured you are a true family man. Which brings far better things then a videogame can ever.



Congrats guys and I quickly learned so much more on the game and how to be a lot stronger sooner. My builds were a lot more fun than while I practiced and I took a bit too much damage and not enough health potion use sooner.

If I didn't lose my ranger and scion just above lvl 30, I would've been at a good chance of them being in the running but I got video footage of my ranger's death and plan to make a video of it soon enough.

Had one last attempt at a duelist run but died and gave up knowing I had no more chances and that I was just going to keep dying.

Looking forward to the next one and will hopefully do a lot better that time!

Was lots of fun thanks for hosting the contest. Congratulations to the two winners.

Now I got really start reading up on steemmonsters I’ve been slacking. I don’t want get crushed that badly as I just was in this game!


Thank you! It was fun indeed!

It's good to see that steemmonsters will be skill based. I was a little bit afraid that it will be a buy cards and play automatically thing. Thankfully it's not.


Congratulations to winners! I will join you soon:)


That's the spirit :)
Next one is late November, early December. Watch the #poecomp tag, or follow me to be notified.



@gamingchimp Congratulations for winning.

Best of luck guys for next round if there is any.

I wanted to participate but work commitments got in the way. Congrats to the winner.

@mattclarke, Wow, it's reflecting as here some gaming competition is going on and in my opinion these kind of contests will going to boost more gamers because their efforts are rewarded.

And in my opinion 100 Steem for sure is an effective number and hope that more gamers will going to participate and inturn gamers will be get rewarded.

And we all know that Gaming Community is #1 in this world so i hope that more and more people will going to join Steem too and that is because slowly Steem Economy is giving an opportunity to create an Gaming Dynasty.

And currently we can say that it's an Gaming Season and that is because, we can see that already Steemmonsters became the trend and there are many contests related to Steemmonsters are in place.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

A big congrats. I should learn more about these steemmonsters as they are the rage. Thanks @mattclarke


Sent you one, mate. You and I go way back :)

It is nice to reward gamers for their contribution to the steemiit community @mattclarke and there are millions of gamers out there who has the potential in making steem big with only their force doing their work here.


We drag them in with steem monsters then before they know it they're dliving steemgg strategy round table discussions.

I wish you a win, my friend
Really a very wonderful thing you are a successful person

Wow wow. Congratulations to the gamers. Enjoy your steem but when will those who deal with pen get into a contest?

Great full post sir @mattclarke . I like it your beautiful post. I love contest gaming looking very wonderful.