A little late: My Entry to @mattclarke 24 Hour Hardcore Race In Synthesis

in #poecomp2 years ago (edited)

Unfortunately I only discovered the cool contest of @mattclarke for the start of the Synthesis Update at Path of Exile today.

Now I've been thinking all day about participating.

I used to play a lot of Path of Exile, but I haven't played it for a while now. Maybe 10 hours last year.
Nevertheless the competition appeals to me and I would probably like to play through 24 hours... :)

So what the hell, more than frustrated collapse I can't do. Herewith I would like to take part in the contest.

POE Account is Tarnak. And it will probably be a Marauder or a Templer for the contest.

I will probably stream a bit on my channel on vimm.tv. So have a look if you feel like it.


Many thanks to @mattclarke for the great contest and apologize that I'm so late to get in touch, really only discovered it today.

I wish all participants much success, luck and fun! :)


Wish you mutch luck :)

Thanks, hope i am not too late...

Congratulations, Tarnak. Race starts in an hour; best of luck and welcome aboard.

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