"Ma1ne & Snekky" Show Recap - @BigTom13, @Crystalpacheco30, and @Mariannewest Join us!

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Join us for three interviews
with some of your
fellow Steemians!

Welcome to "Ma1ne & Snekky"
with @Ma1neEvent and @PoeticSnake!


Episode # 17

Greetings Steem Community!
Welcome to another episode.

"Ma1ne &Snekky" features live voice interviews with some of the many personalities in the Steem Community! We learn where they come from, how they found their way here, what they like to post about, and the many different projects they are working on. We always enjoy hearing the different Steem stories from people all over the world, and from all walks of life!

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This week, we had the pleasure of chatting
with three Steemians!



First up this week was @BigTom13, who joins us from the USA! He shares with us that he has been on Steem now for about 6 months, and is really enjoying the community aspect of it. He plans to give the platform a try for at least a year to see if he likes it. He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, and loves to travel on long road trips on his bike. We talked about some of the many trips he has been on, and plans to share on his Steemit Travel Blog. He is also an active member of the @Adsactly Community, and we talked more about that as well. You can check out @Adsactly on Discord Chat. You can hear all about it in the interview audio below. Thank you so much @BigTom13 for joining us on the show!


Next we have another Steemian joining us from the USA... please welcome @Crystalpacheco30! She is an active steemian who loves to share about her fitness and weight loss goals. She shared with us many inspiring achievements she has had on her journey, some of her work out routines, and much more. We appreciated her sharing such a personal experience with all of us, and we hope to see her succeed in her fitness goals! You can hear out full chat in the audio below. Thank you for chatting with us @Crystalpacheco30!


Our third guest this week is also living in the USA! We had the pleasure of chatting today with @Mariannewest, who shared with us that she is very active in the writing community, particularly in the Isle of Write Group. She does many projects with the Free Write style posts, and also with the Steem Basic Income project. You can hear all about the projects in our audio interview below. Sorry about the tech glitch there @Mariannewest! We appreciate you joining us on the show to tell us your Steem story!


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Thanks for having me had a great time at the show! Upvoted and resteemed :)


We really appreciate you taking the time to join us on the show @crystalpacheco30!

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