The Resteem Radio Show Recap: Episode #15 - @Starkerz & @Anarcotech Join us!

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Welcome to episode # 15 of
The Resteem Radio Show!

Each week, we welcome our fellow Steemians on to the show
to chat with us about their experiences and projects!

Artwork by @poeticsnake

Episode # 15

Greetings fellow Steemians!

The Resteem Radio Show airs every week from 10pm - Midnight UTC on We welcome different people from the Steem Community to join us on the show to chat with us! You can join us and share your Steem experience too! Just send @Ma1neEvent or @PoeticSnake a message on Discord if you are interested in being a guest on the program.

@MSP-Waves Radio has many different shows that are all hosted by your fellow Steemians! The Show schedule can be found at You can also listen to the shows in the PAL Discord.

You can join the @MinnowSupport Project on Discord Chat in the Peace, Abundance, Liberty (PAL) server. We hope to see you around the pond.

This week were joined by a returning guest, @Starkerz, as well as a new guest @anarcotech!



Joining us from the UK is @anarcotech! He shares with us that he joined the Steem blockchain last year in April, and talked about some of his early experiences joining Steemit. He eventually became active with the #Promo-Steem and @Steem-ambassador programs, and together with @Starkerz is now working on another new project they are calling @Oracle-d! We went in to many different Steem blockchain related topics... ranging from retention, curation, communities, and much more. You can hear the full interview in the audio below. Thank you so much for being on the show with us @Anarcotech!


As I mentioned before, we had a returning guest to The Resteem Radio Show this week, @Starkerz! It was great to catch up with him again, and learn more about the different projects he is working on. We chatted about how he is still helping out with the @Steem-Ambassador group and the Promo Mentors, and how he is now focusing much of his time into a new venture with @anarcotech that they call @Oracle-D. You can learn more about this project by visiting thier Website Here The project sounds very exciting for the Steem blockchain! We talked a bit about other initiatives they have planned, including one to help out new and existing Steemians to navigate through the ever-evolving ecosystem we call Steem. We also chatted about many other Steem related topics, answered some audience questions, and more. Thank you so much for being on the show again @Starkerz!


You can also listen to previous episodes of the show on that Youtube Channel

We are always looking for new guests
to join us on the show

We are always interested in hearing your Steem story, or learning about your projects / communities! If you would like to be a guest on The Resteem Radio Show, all you have to do is contact @Ma1neEvent or @PoeticSnake on Discord! We welcome Steemians from all experience levels to join us on the show. We have been blessed to chat with dozens of you from all over the world!

We hope you enjoyed
this weeks episode!

Tune in next Wednesday
for Episode # 16
of The Resteem Radio Show!


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support and feedback,
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@Ma1neEvent & @PoeticSnake

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