Spirits, Seances & Spells - Recap of The Gathering Mountain Magick Festival

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The Real Magic Is Imagination...

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We debuted our first ever InnerVerse booth at a magical festival last week and we have some fun stories to tell about what we experienced there. Tune in and expand your imagination about how magic works and perhaps even get some good ideas for your own exploration of extended consciousness phenomenon!

Show notes & Links



⦁ Real magic wands and having fun with spell-casting practice

⦁ Learning how to see energy through the imagination

⦁ What it's like to act as a medium for a seance

⦁ House spirits and the Russian folklore concept of the Domovoy

⦁ Recording of a genuine Electronic Voice Phenomenon from Ghost Hunters - Link!

⦁ Learn more about spirit possession research from this year's season of Mysterious Universe podcast

⦁ Come see us at the Springfield MO Metaphysical Fair on November 3rd

⦁ Live mini-podcast from TGM Festival with Renee Johanna - See Video Version

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