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RE: Finding Music and Videos for Commercial Use: My Process for The STEEM Engine Express

in #podcast6 years ago

I have an advice to you, there is a web that have many free music that you can use. Great post. Steem Engine is a nice community :)


Hey there. Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to read the post. I checked out that website and it looks like you still have to pay for a license for these songs. Many Steemians don't have the resources to do so, which means that Creative Commons licenses are much more helpful. Have you ever done any projects with video or music?

Oh sorry. I had not realized that the page had changed. Well, there is Jamendo (, which is a network that I liked for many years. I also know Audionautix ( and BumpFoot (

I have done small projects as a member of a rock and roll band 5 years ago. It was not a big deal, but I have a couple of songs that I could give you if you like.

I think I actually used a track from Audionautix. I like that website a lot. Thanks for the other suggestions. I'd love to hear your original music, too. I'm in a band, so I always appreciate hearing music from other musicians across Steemit!

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