The Seed of Greatness: Episode 255

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In Toward A Psychology of Being, our Teacher Abraham Maslow writes:

“He who belies his talent, the born painter who sells stockings instead, the intelligent man who lives a stupid life, the man who sees the truth and keeps his mouth shut, the coward who gives up his manliness, all these people perceive in a deep way that they have done wrong to themselves and despise themselves for it. Out of this self-punishment may come only neurosis, but there may equally well come renewed courage, righteous indignation, increased self-respect, because of thereafter doing the right thing; in a word, growth and improvement can come through pain and conflict.”

We might deny our own potential for many years, perhaps becoming bitter and resentful to even think of the question.

At any moment of awareness, we have a chance to return to that pursuit which truly fulfills us, to say that thing that the world has been waiting to hear, that we have been waiting to hear.

We can yet give life to our dreams.

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