The Free Canadian With Chantal Beaton: Episode 418

in #podcastlast year (edited)


Chantal Beaton is an entrepreneur, veteran of the cannabis business in Canada, and recent escapee to Mexico.

In this episode she tells the story of how she changed her mindset from poverty to professional, how she imagined she would feel when she gained financial independence, and how things seemed to start happening for her when she made those shifts.

In Canada for many years, cannabis vendors were selling publicly, perhaps even openly defying the law. Eventually the government decided to make the plant legal, by monopolizing the industry. That meant a lot of these vendors would go out of business, and that is how Ms. Beaton decided to go start an enterprise providing packaging for cannabis.

Content warning: discussion of cannabis and other psychoactive substances

Read the transcript and find important links on the site: A Beautiful Thought - The Free Canadian With Chantal Beaton: Episode 418

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