Return to Health Part 2 with Link McElvenny: Episode 403

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Link McElvenny was recuperating from some health problems and found that his collarbone was weak… so weak that it snapped on the dojo floor, setting him back months in his return to health.

He started to learn that the demands he had of himself were a significant causal factor in his health. The more he tried to push himself to recover, the more setbacks he had. So slowly he started to let go of that tendency.

Another important challenge was worrying about the future. Link found out personally that most of the things we worry about do not happen. When we can release the urge to overthink things, we find that there is little reason to suffer.

Continuing his spiritual studies, he learnt some key lessons from the ancient Indian text, the Mahabharata. The most important was the underlying theme of peace in the epic - no matter how many times the characters fall, they always have a chance of redemption. And no matter how many times they recover, they might well fall again.

Read the transcript and find important links on the site: A Beautiful Thought - Return to Health Part 2 with Link McElvenny: Episode 403

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