Damn you, leaky pipe. I was going to make a million bucks today.

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Damn you, leaky pipe. I was going to make a million bucks today.

OK, so I proabably wasn't going to make a million bucks today , but I was hot on the tail of scrounging all my liquid alt-coins to dump into BTS.

And then one of the apartments I am a maintenance man for had a wet floor. Dammit I hate anything connected to pipe. I mean, I would rather gargle with broken glass than to mess with plumbing.

So it all started when I made a coment over on this page -
And I thought what the hell , I have a few minutes (which led into a few hours). But lo and behold I had an open ledger account set up and dumped what little bit of DASH I had to get my first BTS
Then this cool guy @n25052016 sent me to this page

I mis-read the comment and in the midst of excitement I thought he sent me 100 BTS - but then it dissappeared ? It was really weird but I was new to openledger and I was making my first trade so I probably got confuseded.

Thanks for leading down another rabbit hole @n25052016 (and a big thanks for the 1000 BTS - karma will return the favor)

Then @kencode sent me 100 BTS just like his post said - that's awesome.

So I had some BTC sitting in bsave.io - but they were part of bittrex so I lost like 36% of my BTC - (OK, so it was $17) but it may as well be 17k. Remember, I'm just a maintenance guy.

SO now I am the proud owner of 10k BTS - @kencode & @n25052016
After the peerplay drop I will send you guys back the BTS - thanks for getting me started ;)


Yes, I know I used available liquid assets to buy in.

Now it's back to counting change LOL

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