Narrowing on small plants predators

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From today and forward for one whole week, I’d like to focus my attention on very small stuff(s). I wanna focus on it/them because it’s them/it that got me squinting my eyes to re-adjust the blurred visions and even re-focused for self re-assuranced that I saw what I saw and no one can say that I was “crazy”!

Here’s one example as a reassurance that I really saw that tiny fruit bulb turned into a tiny little lime right before my very eye. Now, how do I maintain its growth before the insects get to it first?!!

If you look closely at this photo you’ll see a leaf been bitin and sten being harnest for ant nest....


Take two steps back, re-adjust, then it actually looked like this. Looking at that beautiful yet fragile plants, the questions are; what’s my next step to keep these plants growing strong and healthy?! Damn, more learning curves!!!


From here forward, there’s always more to learn on how to protect plants from pests and nurture them to the best of my abilities. Well, maybe this is my opportunity to expose the nuisance infested stuff on my plants stems and leaves.

Although I’m not sure whats eating my beloved plants. However, for the upcoming week, lets disect them together as I send photos of bugs/stuff on plants for all to observe. We shall find out more soon.

And as always, until we meet again, have a wonderful day.


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I really Love your Postings @islandliving. I wonder why Nobody commented on this one ??