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Malunggay Leaf From My Own Garden

in plant •  last year

Hi @futurefarmers...🙂
Thanks for dropping by. A bit sad to know that you can't have or maybe you can't plant moringa in your place? This is really nutritious and very beneficial for our health. And same with your nanay i also love to eat malunggay in stew. You can cook malunggay in various ways. Be it with monggo...chicken stew or tinolang manok and also in fish stew. You can even mix malunggay in canned sardines...and of course cook it with some vegetables. You can even cook it also as malunggay balls. So instead of meat just use malunggay. And i can't really forget this recipe way back 35 years ago i think...? Heheh...because i won 1st place in cooking contest in school. :)

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