I've Planted A Mango Plant At My Home. Can you tell me about it, that how can I care this plant?

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Mango Plant 🌱

About a week ago I bought a mango plant from a nursery.
I've planted that mango plant in the courtyard of my house as see below:
I'm watering this plant about after one day. But this plant is not growing.
I'v digged a three feet deep in the soil, and had planted this in the soil as see below:
I've prepared a three feet round with soil around it.
Its green leaves are looking healthy as see below:
I looks it every day, and take care this plant. I like to grow mangoes plant in my home courtyard.
I looks after this plant but this is not growing so much. I've not more idea that how I look after this plant.
I think the branches of this plant are weak. This plant isn't growing it's leaves as see below:
I've not any idea that how to take care this plant.
I've some questions that anyone can tell me that how I take care this plant.

Question : 1

How many days after I should give water to this plant?

Question : 2

How can grow fast this plant?

Question : 3

Can I put in any fertilizer?

Question : 4

How many years are required to get it's yield?

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I'm using my smartphone name QMobile model E1 for taking the above photographs.

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Mango is a sub-tropical tree, it is difficult to answer your question if we don't know where you are living. Your soil looks like clay, it is probably poor in organic matter, you can add some organic matter. You can make your own compost from food waste and add it.
The first year after planting, the tree uselly does not grow a lot because the roots needs to make connections with the soil.

Thanks I've now searched from YouTube. My friends told me about searching in Google.

I think you should best look into Google...that's the best way for you to go forward...
Also if some one with knowledge here helps you out I would be glad :)

yes I agree x


I'm also agreed.

hope you can get some help , I wish your mango tree to flourish x

Thanks for good wishes.

@blog-fictions I'm glad that you have visited my blog.
Thanks for friend you have better guided me that I should search from Google.

Yes..search in Google...and if some one over here knows about plants they will guide you too :)
Have a great day :)

Thanks my good friend. I appreciate your kind words. My best regards are for you.

Thank you :)

You are welcome with heart.



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Thanks for like my post.

Google it friend, you get all idea from there.
And I think this is good season for grow a plant ...doing good work ✌️

Thanks brother, I'm glad you suggested me. I'm now watching related videos on YouTube.
Yes this is a good season to grow new plants.