FREE Account Creation from Actifit Went Smoothly --- Actifit Wins Our Witness Vote!

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Hi, Plankton Holders and Steemheads!

Today, we were able to help @powermom create her Steemit account for FREE! It's part of the service that Plankton Token offers. We will be able to create instant accounts for FREE with automatic 10 SP Delegation. We won't be able to do this if not for the sponsorship of @actifit and its creator @mcfarhat. @taskmaster4450 referred us to them when he saw our post about wanting to help with onboarding new people on Steem and they gladly reached out and made this partnership. We are so lucky to find generous people in Steemit like them who helps good causes.

@powermom just made a post in Steemit and it shows how she is excited to try Steemit out. We wish for her to enjoy Steemit and be an active Steemian. She is a good friend of @olivia08, one of the active minnow we know around, so she should be inspired by her enthusiasm.

FREE Account came with 10 SP (good for 3 months) from @actifit

If you have friends who need help getting an account, feel free to reach out to us in the Plankton Token Discord server: We are encouraging applicants to have a Discord account so we can make sure it's another person and not someone's alt. We do not want the free account creation to be abused and be used in creating dummy accounts. Other than that, having them in Discord would work to their advantage because they will find a community that will help guide them in steeming.

@actifit runs a witness and we just voted for them today because they are worth that vote. We should vote witnesses that are trying their best to make this platform better. Another good thing about them is that they are easy to get along with, they are in Discord most of the day and it's easy to send them a DM and they respond quick to queries. So, if you have those slots to be filled for the 30 witnesses, please consider voting for @actifit.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us to get help with account creation and to help solve your RC issues. We are more than happy to help newbies and Plankton.


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Thank you so much @plankton.token, @mermaidvampire, @actifit for providing an account to my friend @powermom. Tonight, I have a met up with my fellow #OFW here as we celebrate Eid Mubarak and I will help them for their new account. Hoping for your help again.

Hi, @olivia08. Sure thing, not a problem. Just DM us in Discord with preferred username and email address for recovery. Enjoy your Eid. Thanks for the support.

Excellent news 👍

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Thanks! ^_^

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