Getting Staking Rewards from Plankton!

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I earned 1% of my PLKN stakes today because it's the end of the month. Whew! PLKN is doing great in the DEX at 0.3-0.31 in price per token which means, I earned 1.2 Steems passively from the Plankton Token today then. I'll keep holding PLKN and maybe trade some in the future. I'll also see if I can buy other tokens in Steem Engine, looks like there are a good number of tokens I can play with to earn some Steems.

Have you checked, Steem-engine? If you haven't don't miss on it because it's an earning opportunity to trade different coins made by good Steemians like @mermaidvampire and the Plankton Token. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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Plankton to the MOON! Thanks @benedict08. It's our pleasure to give back to you for trusting and supporting us.

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Yes to the moon!!!

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Plankton to the Moon

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