Identified plans are identical to our planet

in planet •  10 months ago

In a little-known system for scientists, there is a mysterious planet that a group of researchers say is a "super Earth" with the ideal conditions for life.

It is about the planet known by scientists as K2-18b.

Its dimensions are estimated twice as large as the Earth.

According to scientists at the University of Texas in the USA and Montreal in Canada, the surface of K2-18b is identical to that of the Earth, with rocks and foremost, water.

This planet orbits around a dwarf star in the distance known as the "area of ​​life," so close enough not to be icy and distant enough to not be a flamboyant ball, "Top Channel reports.

K2-18b is at a distance of 111 light years away.

Montreal and Texas researchers have come to this conclusion after analyzing the data obtained from the ESO telescope of the European Spatial Agency, located in La Silla, Chile.

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