Some serious weaponry

in #planes4 years ago

The Rooivalk up close.

Hellfire missiles


Guidance systems.


giant in battle field.

It's heavy weapon. which country make?

South Africa

Great pics, are u in the military? I would love to see this things personally.

Looks good, thanks for sharing those amazing pictures. I like the Apache missiles attack.

Military rocks...
Nice machines there

Amazing military heli it is..

pretty amazing camo on it . thanks for photos :)

Omg! its really heavy weapon

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Nice shoutout to steemit!!

To an automation engineer these things are fascinating. Ive heard that theyre working on unmanned ones already

4 Days Later Posted a Supper post that the weaponry is the best I like it it's looking fight plane and it's a great photography...Thanks my friend @ngos

woah! super nice! thanks for bringing that to us virtualy @ngos

Powerful weapon

Thats realy powerful weapons

Do you fly this everyday for work?
Your life must be really good😍

wow!wonderful planes.nice photography.

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