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RE: Torpedo the Plagiarists! --- #13 (Cancelled, see comments)

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in looking at some of your other posts ... sure looks like Steemcleaners has spoken through flags. Maybe you should put the energy you are using trying to justify your spammy posting to do some real posting.

@submarine is not a bot and takes the time to research the torpedeos. Steemcleaners will have the final say on this.


Thanks a lot for your effort and your great advice. Well I just want to do so many posts because there is always a lot of news well worthful to discuss. Maybe I just like the blockchain too much but I also think posting a lot helps to build a bigger community. I also see people posting a single picture they made in one post and post 10 times+ a day. So I do not really think it is spammy but feel free to disagree no disagree of course.

I mean I really support subarmines work and did not know that at first he is doing all by himself. Since I am also totally against making mistakes, I also asked the @steemcleaners for some information and improvements about my mistake.

I will definitely use some other pictures from pixaybay instead which are generally free to use licensed and I will add every source of them as well in the future.

I will also change the title to make sure it is meant to be an discussion about the news.

Thanks once again.

Rather than post multiple times a day, what really builds the community is original content.

SO spend more time on presenting your views so they are more than the content you are copy / pasting. Do fewer quality posts and you'll likely end up growing your blog through people engaging in discussion which will result in more follows as others will want to see what else you post about.

The multiply spammy posts just make you look like you are here for what ever you can make using other people's material.

And guess what? Neither Steemcleaners nor @submarine will need to bother you cause you are actually building the community instead of using it.

That is totally true as well of course but I think there are two totally different people groups out there:

Some love to dive really deep into one topic and discuss every single point very very well thought out the whole topic. Like those people who also like to read books and stuff about only one single topic.

And there are in my opinion also a lot of younger more Facebook like people who like to see a lot of different topics / posts about different stuff and updates. And if you really like to dive deeper into it, then they will do it in the comments. That is what I have to admit also like a bit more. Maybe I am just a little bit younger then most of the people here and in the crypto community.

But of course I do not want to make it look like I just try to copy and paste fast stuff from other people so I really appreciate your advise and definitely was never wanting to play against the rules and @steemcleaners or @submarine.

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