Update: On Plagiarism

in plagiarism •  2 months ago

After much discussion and debate, I can finally admit I was wrong. I should've posted the original source of my inspired artworks. I can assure you that future posts will have this, if a source is being used as a model for my own art.

My sincere apologies to all my fellow Steemians. Some of you may not forgive me, but I'm truly against plagiarism myself as I was a victim of it in the past.

I hope you all have a wonderful week full of creative ventures.


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Hi Jaundre, I love your style and I will continue to look forward to your artworks :) I think it's great that a dialog has happened and that the art sphere of Steemit will be all the stronger for it <3

Love your attitude and how you are dealing with this, your honest and simple approach to learn from the experience is refreshing <3 (and, admirable) (for we know that it is very rare that people deals well with having to admit errors!)

I'll continue to support you \o/


This comment means a great deal to me, Lise. Thank you so much for understanding.

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Long overdue praise, but you're doing the right thing now. :D