Well, that is about all the crappy things that some of these tunnels have seen with innocent children suffering under the cruelty of pedophiles. It's just me looking at the tags and blowing off steem. If this offends you I will change it.

No, no, that's ok. I'm aware of the word pedobear. I just didn't know how exactly it related to the post. Now I do. Don't worry, me too I put out stuff sometimes that make more or less immediate and complete sense (even to my own self), but that others won't necessarily get right away or at all. It even gets me into trouble from time to time, because we as human often tend to replace meaning with intent when we face something we don't fully understand. Am I making sense? lol

Yes you are correct about getting in trouble with people. We all have our different experiences and perspectives.. I usually put words with my gifs but this is a subject that is too close to me and I find pictures are a lot easier then a raging tangent. Thank you for understanding and being patient. It's a good thing you took the time to ask. Most people shake their heads and go onto something else.

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