The Pizzagate Images "Conspiracy Theorist" Patriot Ashli Babbitt Wanted You to See

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Ashli Babbit is the woman who was fatally shot by DC police on January 6th. Aside from the tacky and insensitive write-up of a young woman who just lost her life at the Capitol in DC, an Air Force veteran with an honorable discharge, NBC charges she was a "conspiracy theorist" who believed the hackneyed strawman that Pizzagate is about a child sex slave ring being run out of a pizza shop in DC.

NBC writes:.

"Among other fringe beliefs, she tweeted about pizzagate, a viral disinformation campaign that falsely alleged a child abuse ring was being operated by Democrats from a Washington pizza restaurant.".

What is the real Pizzagate evidence? In honor of Patriot Ashli Babbit we present "The Pizzagate Images "Conspiracy Theorist" Patriot Ashli Babbitt Wanted You to See".

The irony of the mainstream media's relentless campaign to brand "Pizzagate" as "fake news" is that it only serves to raise suspicions. Anyone with an Internet connection can see the images and emails for themselves, and see the glaring omissions from the media's representation of the affair.

But first, just what is Pizzagate? Here the mainstream media gives itself away even further by seeming to coordinate on false talking points. Pizzagate, the mighty Wurlitzers of the media reiterate, is nothing more than an incorrigible gaggle of conspiracy theorists who believe that a child sex-slave ring is being run out of the basement of a Washington DC pizza shop.

Nevermind that this has never been the contention. Nor that this is preposterous.

The communications and exchanges between Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign manager, John Podesta, his brother Tony, and their circle of friends are far more ominous than this outlandish idea. These are the communications linked to Wikileaks' publication of the Podesta emails last October.

It turns out that this circle of friends has a penchant for sexually-loaded images of children, even infants. One photograph sent around by James Alefantis, the owner of the Washington DC pizza shop at the center of attention, is of an infant with the caption: "Why does daddy like butt?" and "#whatwhatinthebutt."

Instagram social media post from James Alefantis' "jimmycomet" account

That is one Pizzagate image you will never, ever see, along with many others, in the Washington Post, USA Today, or the New York Times.

Alefantis has been named by GQ as one of the "50 Most Powerful People in Washington." If you ask how a pizza shop owner becomes one of the 50 most powerful people in DC, so have many others. It turns out he is no ordinary shop owner, but the former long-time partner of David Brock, of Media Matters, a hotwire straight into the heart of the Democratic Party establishment.

Lest the Pizzagate "debunking" media try to claim that no one knows if the Instagram account on which these shocking comments and images are posted even really belongs to Alefantis, Alefantis has acknowledged the account. In perhaps a perfect mini-morality tale, Alefantis was attempting, in an interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News, to dispel the idea that the account contained anything untoward, by addressing a less incendiary Instagram. Understandably Alefantis never mentioned the afore-mentioned one. In the process, Alefantis unwittingly forever established that he and “jimmycomet,” the handle for the account, are one and the same.

It is interesting to note that jimmycomet’s avatar, the image one chooses to represent an account, is of a bust of Antinous, the 13 year-old boy lover of the Roman emperor Hadrian, when Hadrian was 48. The late Classical scholar Royston Lambert called the sculpture one of the "most elevated and ideal monuments to pederastic love of the whole ancient world."

In the interview, a sympathetic and incredulous Megyn Kelly, feigning astonishment at the unfairness of it all, declined to ask Alefantis the meaning of “Why does daddy like butt?” Kelly is nothing if not a competent journalist, and certainly was familiar with the entirely of the Pizzagate images, which include paintings of children bound, gagged, and hanging by their wrists from the ceiling, by the Podestas’ artist friend. The Podesta emails show that the brothers are dinner party friends of the artist, whose dinner party themes include “Spirit Cooking.” According to a playful performance art piece, Spirit Cooking calls for mixing "breast milk with fresh sperm milk."

Megyn Kelly nterview with James Alefantis

Is Pizzagate a victimless crime? This is a defense employed by the stoutest defenders of Podesta, Alefantis, and their circle of friends. Bad taste is not a crime, and certainly does not warrant smearing someone’s reputation as a pedophile. To be sure, a blogger in Massachusetts, who goes by the handle Titus Frost, has said that he and hacker associates have come across hidden files of child pornography at the website for Comet Ping Pong, the name of Alefantis’ pizza shop.

The mere possession of child porn is a felony, on the reasoning that children had to have been abused in the making of it, and so a crime exists. Frost also claims he has sent the files and information to the Washington DC police, to an “Officer Marcus Stevens.” Frost has posted what he says is a screenshot of email correspondence between himself and Stevens.

Some say this is thin gruel. How do we know Frost is telling the truth? But in another interesting coincidence, days after Titus Frost posted his claim online for a large audience, one Edgar Welch famously walked into Comet Pizza with a rifle, fired one shot, and gave himself up. That shot just happened to hit, of all things, the company computer. Doubtless the computer which was in the closet has been destroyed, and a brand new one sits in its place. A client computer, as this would be called, can yield all manner of information on data which has resided on it or passed through it.

Purported screenshot of email correspondence with Washington DC police over child porn images

Thus the conveniently-timed destruction of possible evidence served a dual purpose, whether by design or not. A two-fer. The shooting allows the media to link Pizzagate research with violence. Which it immediately did. The Washington Post intoned menacingly "Pizzagate: From rumor, to hashtag, to gunfire in D.C."

Hillary Clinton jumped in with an attack on citizens asking questions about the odd emails and images, tweeting about the "real consequences of fake news." This assault on First Amendment speech surpassed even George W. Bush's warning after 9/11 to "let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories," i.e. those indicting government officials. Now the inconvenient speech was firmly linked to an attack.

Clinton tweet

It is tangential, but interesting, that Clinton was the one who intervened on behalf of an American woman who was arrested, prosecuted, and convicted in Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake, for attempting to smuggle 33 Haitian children out of the country, into the neighboring Dominican Republic, which happens to be a playground for pedophiles. In an unusual interference in another country’s criminal justice process for non-political prisoners, Clinton deployed Bill Clinton to plead, successfully, for the release of Laura Silsby.

Furthermore, with respect to the rejoinder that Pizzagate is a victimless crime, although there may be no correlation, it is nevertheless true that the immediate area of Washington DC is by far the missing children capital of the country, most notably the northern Virginia county of Fairfax. Fairfax, VA, has almost as many children reported missing in 2015-2016 as all of Los Angeles, despite having but a tiny fraction of the population.

John Podesta has shown open sympathy for child rapists, as revealed by the emails. Podesta in one email wrote of convicted child rapist and former Republican Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, just before he was sentenced: "Might be time for Dennis to vanish to some undisclosed Japanese Island."

Thus we come to the central question: Why is the mainstream media working so hard to steer opinion on what should be no more than a routine criminal investigation, to ensure that allegations of possession of child porn among the parties is not true? And to debunk the rest of the allegations made in Pizzagte? All law enforcement need do is investigate and, if there is nothing, issue a statement putting it all to rest.

As the Constitutional watchdog for government, the media, the press, is the institution which is letting America down most, by flat-out lying about everything to do with Pizzagate. Politicians we can expect to be slimy. It’s bad enough some of the allegations may be true. But worse, perhaps, is the brutal betrayal of trust of some or our oldest and most prestigious institutions.


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