Congressman Trey Gowdy Ignores This Hard Criminal Evidence on Pizzagate in Hearings on Pedophiles

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This is republished at Steemit when my previous publisher continued to remove links to disturbing evidence. It is disturbing, pornographic, and sick. But this is about protecting our children. When it comes to that, we cannot turn away, and must fight for law enforcement to do its job.

With riveting testimony from a panel of expert witnesses including a police detective, a victim advocate, and prosecutors, South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy, Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations, held a hearing last Thursday billed as Crimes Against Children.

But despite descriptions of technology which did remarkable things like recognize images of child porn which had already been catalogued by law enforcement, neither Gowdy, the Committee, nor the witnesses saw fit to acknowledge a video which has been posted on Youtube since February 17th in which a child is apparently being abused.

The video was played as a backdrop to a concert by the band Heavy Breathing at Comet Pizza in Washington DC, on an unknown date. The Youtube hit counter registers over 117,000 views so far.

DC culture and arts publication corroborates the band Heavy Breathing playing at Comet Pizza.

Comet Pizza has been at the center of what has been labeled as a "conspiracy theory" by mainstream media outlets such as the New York Times, following the release of a trove of emails hacked by Wikileaks belonging to former Hillary Clinton campaign manager John Podesta. Podesta has also served as President Bill Clinton's chief of staff. The emails led Internet sleuths at "hive mind" social networking websites to public posts by the network of friends surrounding Podesta and his brother Tony, a powerful Washington lobbyist. Tony Podesta raised eyebrows when he purchased a sculpture, prominently placed in his home, which recalls one of child rapist and killer Jeffrey Dahmer's victims (magazine cover below.)


Other violent and sexualized images relating to the code talk around "pizza," including openly satanic rituals, continued to surface in association with Podesta and his circle of friends. However, until the concert footage surfaced, no firm evidence of possible wrongdoing with an actual child victim could be seen. In the video, a child can be heard screaming "stop!" as a man can be heard screaming at him, in grainy footage of what appears to be a shower stall.

Some speculation runs that the voice of the man is John Podesta's. and that voice print analysis by a competent crime lab could establish further whether it is or isn't. However, what is far less in doubt is that a child is being abused in one way or another, as something like a flame can be seen in the background. This alone would require further investigation if placed into the hands of law enforcement.

Band Heavy Breathing at Comet Ping Pong Pizza

The video follows a claim by a blogger publishing under the name Titus Frost that Comet Pizza's website has been hacked, and a trove of child porn discovered. Frost states that he has contacted and had an exchange with Washington DC Metropolitan Police Department Officer Marcus Stevens, and has forwarded the evidence and passcodes found. Frost has posted an image of an email exchange between Stevens and himself on the Internet. Titus Frost is also a Steemit author.

Below: Screenshot post by "Titus Frost" of email exchange with Metropolitan Police Department

Many of the images uncovered in relation to the circle of friends are clearly pornographic in nature, and involve children.

At the Crimes Against Children hearing, numerous congressmen, including John Conyers (D-MI), Louis Gohmert (R-TX), Ted Poe (R-TX), and Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), speak movingly about their days as prosecutors and the difficulty of viewing child exploitation images, including children being raped. In discussing the value of technology in uncovering perpetrators, one witness says that the technology "makes sure we're not missing the needle in the haystack."

In January CBS Atlanta aired a segment on the Podesta emails, in which investigative reporter and news anchor Ben Swann concluded that there seemed to be legitimate reason for the further law enforcement investigation of the communications and images uncovered. Swann suddenly went off the air for some weeks after the report ran, but has returned to his normal news anchor post.

Damning Evidence Continues to Emerge, History of Governments is of Cover-ups

As smoking gun level evidence such as children being abused on video and an alleged child porn stash at the Comet Pizza website circulates the Internet, yet further evidence of dire intentions and outright child porn continues to emerge from the shadows, unearthed by relentless citizen investigators stepping in where law enforcement seems to be failing to. In a Youtube compilation, blogger Titus Frost reveals an image from an album cover for the Australian band Low Life which skirts the boundaries of child porn, which allegedly was found among the links circulated by the Podesta social network. Whether or not directly linked to the network, the album cover calls for prosecution,(below.)

Album cover for band Low Life, connected by Titus Frost to Comet Pizza, at

Incredibly, the album cover depicting a crime is displayed openly on the Internet, with apparently no law enforcement attention to it whatsoever. Whatever the context of the cover, it merits a criminal investigation unto itself.

Morevover, after a probe into the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children database, a non-profit based in Washington DC, the starling discovery was made that certain counties in Virginia, which is adjacent to the District of Columbia and surrounding states, are the per-capita capital of children going missing, by several orders of magnitude. One county, Fairfax, VA, has almost as many children reported missing in 2015-2016 as all of Los Angeles, despite having but a tiny fraction of the population.

After calling Virginia state police to inquire about the discrepancy, a citizen investigator reported to blogger Titus Frost that the explanation proffered was that Virginia includes runaways in its data. However, since many other states frequently are seen to use the description "May still be in the area" appended, researchers noted that this language is used for runaways, and that therefore other states may be counting runaways as well, thus negating this explanation for Virginia's statistical aberration. 

One loud refrain from many who are incredulous at emerging evidence of high level pedophilic networks is that, were the emerging evidence to be credible, law enforcement at some level would be taking action. Those so arguing can only be entirely unacquainted with the sordid history of the tendency of governments, including the US government, to cover up pedophilia which reaches high into the corridors of power. In Great Britain, many calls for the investigation of a high level child sex trafficking ring went unheeded, and even mocked, for ten years before resulting in a posthumous conclusion by Scotland Yard, BBC, within the National Health Service, the Crown Prosecution Service, and the Department of Health that entertainment mogul Jimmy Savile had raped hundreds of children and was a "predatory sex offender." 

Furthermore, a BBC documentary, where employees failed to follow up on reports that Savile was even molesting children inside of BBC studios, where Savile had programs airing, concluded that not only had Savile been a pedophile, but that he in fact was engaged in the trafficking of children to others in elite levels of British society, who never came to light. 

Below: Instragram found on Podesta associates Instagram network

In the U.S., the most glaring and indisputable cover-up was of the Franklin Scandal, a years-long investigation by numerous government agencies and a committee of the Nebraska state legislature which ended when the lead investigator for the committee died in a small plane crash. The Discovery Channel was set to air a documentary on the case when it suddenly pulled it, and an anonymous purchaser bought all copies of the film. After a leak the film, "Conspiracy of Silence," is now widely available. The same year that the Franklin Scandal broke, and an Omaha police officer testified in front of a Nebraska State Senate Committee that child witnesses who testified about a pedophilic satanic ring were credible, the Washington Times broke a story on a "call boy" network operating in DC and even in the White House, publishing credit card vouchers.

A number of respected former law enforcement officials have worked over the decades to expose what they say are pedophilic, and sometimes satanic ritual, networks operating in the U.S. which include members who are highest level political, business, law enforcement, and entertainment industry figures. Former NYC human trafficking detective Jim Rothstein, who is now also the mayor of the small Minnesota town of St. Martin, commented recently on an Internet radio talk show that "the pizzagate thing is nothing goes to the highest levels of our country,'s just the tip of the iceberg."

When the host asked Rothstein "how many people are murdered by pedophiles and satanic ritual-abuse types each year," Rothstein answered that it is "more common than anyone wants you to believe."

Rothstein corroborated a theme repeated by experts in the field of high level pedophilia, that congressmen, judges, and other law enforcement officials reach their positions precisely because they can be blackmailed into doing the will of other elite, monied interests.

In 2007 a Georgia state senator, Nancy Schaefer, issued a report accusing Child Protective Services in her state and others of the "legal kidnap" of children from homes where removal was not justified. Schaefer and her husband were subsequently found dead in what was declared by police to be a "murder-suicide" by the husband, caused by despondency over his terminal cancer and financial straits. But it was later found that Schaefer in fact suffered from no kind of cancer, and the couple's financial position was relatively secure.

Senator Schaefer noted in her report "This is not to say that there are not those children who do need to be removed from wretched situations and need protection." But she also noted:

"The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in 1998 reported that six times as many children died in foster care than in the general public and that once removed to official "safety", these children are far more likely to suffer abuse, including sexual molestation than in the general population."

Former NYPD human trafficking detective Rothstein has made recommendations aimed at combatting elite pedophile networks, which the Trey Gowdy committee might study. The recommendations target the particular characteristic of such cases, that it is authorities themselves which are principle enablers. Saying that while the vast majority of law enforcement is well-meaning and deeply concerned about child abuse cases, no matter how high they reach, investigators are often called off before bringing charges against connected and powerful people. Addressing this frustration, part of Rothstein's proposed legislation reads:

- "Any enforcement agency, agent, prosecutor, or any authority failing to act on pedophilia or the criminal use of children complaint by doing a complete investigation is guilty of a crime. (felony)

- "Any person, agency, or other entity who interferes, threatens, harasses, impedes, or in anyway compromises an investigation, prosecution, or witness in pedophile criminal case or criminal use of children case is guilty of a felony with mandatory 5 year prison sentence. "Anybody who uses children, for child porn, pedophilia, to compromise, extort or cause another person to do an unwilling act is guilty of a felony punishable by death.

A march on the White House demanding Pizzagate be investigated has been scheduled on March 25th, meeting in Lafayette Park at 11 a.m.

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Full Committee Hearing - Crimes Against Children

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CORRECTION BY AUTHOR: The video of a child apparently being abused was not played as a backdrop to a Heavy Breathing concert, as the article states. The error was made as a result of splicing the video in with footage of Heavy Breathing at Comet Pizza, which makes it appear that it was part of the performance. The video was found on the Internet by researchers, at the website

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