Is the FBI a Child Trafficking Operation?

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Why does the FBI refuse to tell us how many trafficked children they jail each year?

Are the cuter kids jailed or sent to foster homes? We want to know, James Comey!

We want to know!

As an example, in July 2013 the FBI launched “Operation Cross Country" and "rescued" 105 victims of child prostitution and trafficking. It was a nationwide operation with a sick twist.

Although the children were removed from the traffickers some were then sent to jail.

Apparently this is "normal".

Why? Because the FBI claims there aren't many foster homes for them.

How about asking the public to help, James Comey? How about that? A single tweet would suffice!

Especially now the whole world knows about pizzagate and you can see how many millions of us care.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire......... Is Operation Cross Country actually Operation Child Trafficking?

If they're jailed they are at the mercy of corrupt prison wardens and heavy hitters.

Quoting sources:

  • the FBI refused to release the EXACT number of children that would be jailed.

  • "A report by Shared Hope international suggested that the FBI is doing a pretty crap job of communicating with the domestic violence shelters where children could be placed and working on ideas for placement."

  • Sienna Baskin at the Urban Justice Center, says the FBI should also provide more clarity on HOW MANY minors were detained in this particular sweep and where they were placed."

So basically Comey catches them and then feeds them back into the system. And refuses to divulge how many are jailed.... handy if you're collaborating with the likes of Alefantis, Epstein and the Clinton Foundation.

Comey's wife, Patrice Failor, has been in the news for advocating for legal representation for children. She's NOT exactly a pioneer of this as this program has been around for years. I wonder if it was not a big spin job to make Comey look good? When his wife went to testify, Comey brought about 27 FBI officials into court. Which was completely unnecessary.

Playing to the cameras, Comey?


(The USA locks up more children than any other country in the world