Celebrities at Marina Abramovic's Cannibalism dinner

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Several famous people attended this "dinner party": Nicole Ritchie, Blondie (Debbie Harry, who seems to have a leading role at the dinner), Will Ferrell, Gwen Stefani and many more.

The CEO of Reddit features in the video but not the party. There is some interesting insight about him.

The video also features some terrible photos from the Rothschild ball in the 70s with a similar cannibalism theme.
Frank Sinatra and Audrey Hepburn were guests.


Thanks Cody. See previous one about Ray Kurzweil, Craig Venter and Peter Diamandis. I wish people would notice that one the most. The person who posted that risked a lot by doing so and nobody is paying attention.

See https://steemit.com/pizzagate/@gizmosia/breaking-google-s-head-of-engineering-alleged-to-be-sadistic-pedophile-experimenting-on-kids

I checked it out but it seemed the only thing was a review left on a facebook page.

Your feedback inspired me to change the headline ;-)
A link between Google & Pizzagate?

Landed 2 more upvotes immediately :)

It's all I have but it's huge information if true. And it would further support pizzagate. We all know Google have supported the Clinton campaign and are censoring pizzagate news.

Its definitely somewhere to start but validating the source seems difficult.

Hey Sherlock, we have the accuser's name and Facebook page. Someone in Eastern Europe can get hold of him. I'm thinking Voat or E Europe Steemit users.

A couple of the relatives of members of the alleged UK Hampstead cult worked for Google in the US. It's not much but we're talking inter-generational here. I'm not trying to divert people into that case but all info helps.

Did you see my post about Google possibly being linked to PIzzagate?

I dont know. What i do know isnthis is ridiculous to watch but that sadly it doesnt implicate them with anything other than being fing sick and POSSIBLY psychopaths...unfortunately this stuff only feeds the fake news crowd imho

Only if we called them pedos or satanists for being there. It's not fake news to simply show they were there, is it? ;-)

The problem is that even if we HAVE evidence (as if testimonies are enough to prove beyind reasonable doubt that a case is worth investigating) "they" have set up the law and infiltrated the police and judiciary so that nothing gets done and then the media is theirs, too. The alt media is all we have. We have to take personal responsibility for what we do about it (and of course, I don't mean anything that harms anyone else).
When people investigated the Hampsted cult, people who were based in London, one of the alleged cult's police officers went round to someone's house and put the frighteners on. People shouted at her in the street (she lives near Hampstead). Then an alternative video maker was warned off and was terrified for his children's lives so did not make a film. Another had a brick through her window and was taken to court - she is still up for witness intimidation (I believe). These people have whole corrupt systems in place - it's been going on for millennnia. At one point, someone somewhere is going to have to start ignoring the law to get anything done about this (which I am not advocating in this post, by the way - just saying) - like the leaks. Thank God for the leaks.

Listen to Mark taylor's 2nd prophecy. It's fascinating how correct he's been. Timing is never perfect in the psychic world but that's about all he wasn't spot on about. His 1st one was in 2011. Then post election of T he gave an update. :)

Tribunals will go on for years - the kind and scale of which the world last saw at Nuremberg.

What do you think those relate to? CF yes, but also this.

Thank you for posting this Gizmosia. It appears that the still photos in the embedded video you posted here may well have been taken at this event which I came across the other day, as they seem to cross-reference, especially Marina, Debbie Harry in the red dress and what is being "served up" to the guests.

Video description: "Kreëmart at the MoCA Annual Gala 11 12 11 with Marina Abramovic and Deborah Harry. They will put you down as being a right wing conservative if you can't dig on this kind of art."

Thanks Azra. Interesting. You're doing good work. I had to take a break.