Pizzagate repository just got censored by github - Backup links + Updated info

in pizzagate •  2 years ago

So github just disabled the pizzagate research repository.
It's not really a surprise, but it's annoying nonetheless.

Lucky I already setup a few mirrors already , and I have the whole thing backed up privately offline and off-site as well.

I'm trying to make the most of free services and automation to make this as resilient to censorship as possible. If anyone has any suggestions for reliable alternative file hosting please share your thoughts :)

Some public backups in git repository form:

I hope that nobody is actually buying this fake-news narrative , after yesterdays false-flag attack on comet ping pong we're seeing a massive escalation in censorship all over the place. More disturbing to me the immediate escalation in the amount of outright attacks on pizzagate researchers for simply pointing out facts and asking for an investigation.

Why the need for theater, paid actors, censorship, hacks and personal attacks from legions of clones if there's nothing to see here ?

Please see the latest update from @titusfrost here for more info on yesterdays attack . And the updated image compilations and video coverage here .

Stay safe people.

~ @ausbitbank ~

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