Pizzagate repo updated [Alefantis Threats/Voat-Dyncorp connection/new infographics]

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I've just finished merging updates to the pizzagate git research archive

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Heres a quick look at what's been added in this batch of updates

[1] PizzaGateGear / Alefantis death threat

James Alefantis seems to have snapped and allegedly threatened to kill a pizzagate researcher Ryan O'Neal aka PizzaGateGear unless he removed information about Pegasus Museum.

If you haven't seen it yet please see this post from @gizmosia for more info :

Voat posts, youtube urls , info on the police report and more can be found in the pizzagategear-alefantis-death-threat folder.

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[2] Updated Pizzagate Mind-Map

A slick updated infographic with some of the main leads being followed in the pizzagate investigation :

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[3] The history behind #pizzagate v6

A great collection of research into historic special access programs like Monarch/MKultra around the world - gives context for the current situation :

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Pastebin sources

[4] Voat / Ycombinator / Dyncorp connections

A collection of archived posts related to the connections between Voat, Ycombinator and Dyncorp.
Do not trust voat - moderators keep removing these leads.

View voat-ycombinator folder on gitlab

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The James Alefantis death threats are fake. That FB account was created fakely, and that dude pushing this is doing this for money. He sells PizzaGate T Shirts for f's sake. Furthermore the "kill room" video does show how the construction photos are from Pegasus, but not the actual Kill room. He never shows how that is there.

This wreaks of a cointelpro op to get us going down the wrong rabbit holes.

Peace man, and keep up the good work.

I initially disregarded his posts simply because of the tshirt site, but looking at his comments on voat he said he's never made a cent, started the site to spread awareness and is happy to take the site down and never mention it again on voat.

Directly accusing James of this and filing a fake report is opening him up to a whole world of hurt - I agree its suspicious AF but given how far he's taken this I think its worth archiving.

What makes you think the FB is fake ?

Well, I know it's a fake FB account because I went and researched Alefantis's FB a long long time ago and it wasn't this account. This is how easy it is to fake:

Secondly, another researcher I trust, showed me a long private convo with this PizzaGate Gear dude, in which he refused to answer basic questions about this situation and got real shifty. I absolutely do not trust this PizzaGateGear kid at all. He seems like a bullshit artist to me. The proof is in what he puts out, and what he puts online is fake death threats that he didn't even record?

Why would Alefantis threaten someone in writing, seems really stupid to me. Like something they would fake so that later they can say we are making crap up about Alefantis.

The Pegasus Museum video was hardly the most damning video about Alefantis, and it is still on that kid's channel, the "video he had to remove for death threats" please, it is still up. This is typical click bait bullshit.

Just my opinion, but thought you should know where I stand on this.

  • It's not okay that he sells t-shirts, but it's alright if you ask for donations, that people monetize their YouTube videos, and if we all set our posts for rewards on Steemit?
  • It says the video you shared has been deleted (went down the drain fast), would you care to explain to me how it is possible to create a completely fake Facebook account so that I know what I scrolled down and took a screenshot of yesterday?
  • Do you have any trace of the alleged ''different & legit'' account you are talking about so that we compare it with the one I'm accessing right about now?
  • I have never had any exchange with that O'Neil dude, so I don't know him and like you I'm cautious, but I have not seen trace of foul play yet. Just like I reserve judgment on your statement that the autorities are investigating the case but that they can't do anything 'til Trump comes in.
  • What is the kill room for you? The refrigerator-like Instagram pic we only see from the inside?
  1. I didn't say it wasn't okay to sell T-Shirts if the idea is to spread awareness. The problem I have with this dude is his click bait bullshit sensationalism and lies to sell T-Shirts. Understand the difference, I don't actively lie and say I am being threatened to draw attention to my shitty T-Shirt website.
  2. Two you simply go into the code and change to and anyone can appear to be James Alefantis in FB messenger, the video that for whatever reason is now gone, showed someone creating the fake Alefantis account that this O'Neil kid was claiming was threatening him.
  3. Re-see my last point, if you don't understand it, re read it again till you get it.
  4. I have not conversed with him, however I have seen a convo he had with another PizzaGate reseacher in which he refused to verify anything he is claiming.
  5. Yes, that would be the Kill Room and in that Pegasus video he never proves it is in Pegasus.

A major point you refuse to address. Is the simple fact that this kid claiming Alefantis is threatening him in writing is clearly bullshit.

  1. I didn't see it that way at first sight, maybe I need to revisit his deleted video which is still online on a couple of YouTube channels. I mostly care about myself trying to be 100% factually honest when talking about pizzagate, I don't really care if others are not completely accurate when making posts, comments, videos, etc. Of course, like everybody else I will argue, help to correct or provide missing info if I have it, but I wouldn't call another researcher fake or shill, unless to my eye that person is without a doubt being dishonest, then I would probably point to the inaccuracy of the info not to the motivations of the person behind it (which could be obvious to everybody anyway if money is involved). I don't feel he's the Alex Jones serial sensationalist-selling type worthy of being exposed, and was mostly happy that he provided the brick digging room piece of the puzzle. I see myself more of a detective than an activist.
  2. Yes, I know now, reallygraceful has done a video about this. Again I would need to watch for the second time his computer screen video to see if there is not some element that I've missed that would prove things one way or the other.
  3. Thought you meant the Facebook page, not the Messenger exchange. It's a misunderstanding.
  4. This is information I cannot judge by myself.
  5. Then I agree.

No, I think you're right. It's only one way out of many to interpret it all, the texting exchanges doesn't proove threats. I believe the police would need the alleged phone calls to make it a case.

Don't underestimate the arrogance of a group of people that have gotten away with murdering our children for thousands of years. They are very confident they will NEVER be caught - no matter what they do. I believe James Alefantis is stupid and desperate enough to do what Ryan said he did IMHO.

How do you explain the caller ID showing up for James Alefantis?

See William Banks.

I highly doubt that Alefantis would at this point with everyone watching him, engage with some random PizzaGate T Shirt salesman and threaten him. Why have I not heard from Alefantis? Why hasn't anyone else but this one dude who just appeared on YouTube when this situation started.

I am sorry but this Ryan kid and I have discussed this with a few other big time YouTubers who have interacted with him is lying. He refuses to produce the evidence to multiple other YouTubers but wants us all to cover "his story" of being threatened. Trust me he acts super shady when you start questioning him. Just go do it yourself and you will see.

I am calling BS on this kid and I have not seen one single shred of evidence to the contrary. Mixing truth with lies intentionally to sell T-Shirts and get your 5 mins of fame is pathetic.

Great point.

I saw that vid, and I had looked at his facebook months ago and thought it was the same account (but lost my own fb and history to verify that)..

It would be incredibly stupid of Alefantis to threaten in writing, I was holding out hope that he'd panic-failed :(

I was very excited at first with this news. However now I am just concerned. A lot of people are falling for this, and to me it wreaks of being a set up. I can't prove what I am saying however my instincts have served me well in the past.

Titus I think Ryan is completely legit. Can you imagine trying to fake the caller ID, live? Or going to the Galveston police to file a case if you were faking something? Wasting police resources gets you jail time I think....

You're probably right, damn pizzagatebait everywhere :(

Great post Aus. So much info! I hope Valerie Wolf has received some karma...

Promoted .03SD per your request! ;)

I just realised what story this comment was on :P Didn't actually mean this post, but tis all good will repay as soon as I have funds again :)

I saw pictures yesterday of the supposed "kill room" building with "no windows." It looked like somebody's garage to me. The other photos in the article (I posted it yesterday) looked equally questionable. Doesn't mean that Pizzagate isn't real just a blind alley here I think.

It's becoming harder to follow by the day, by the hour. There are so many leads I want to pursue, it almosts becomes overwhelming. One thing's for sure people coming into this for the first time should absolutely start by watching @titusfrost or Marty Leeds' videos or they will be totally lost with all the new info coming out. Even for all of us, researchers who or are more or less advanced in our own individual progress, we all don't share in common the same exact knowledge. Sometimes, I hear names or companies I don't even know how they tie in.

I don't even want to go to watch all of George Webb's video in case I get lost on my way back. lol (Just kidding)