PizzaGate git repo updated, now includes file hashes and PGP signature!

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I've updated the pizzagate research git repository again , and I've added a way to double check files haven't been tampered with.

Every time I update the repository I'll make an index of all files as well as their unique file hashes using hashdeep, and then clearsign this report using PGP key 0x6149e199ee21159c and save that as filehashes.ausbitbank.txt .

Now we have unique fingerprints for every file in the archive (md5 and sha256) saved to an index - and a way to verify if someone has tampered with the index .

View the hash index on gitlab

To check the signature file with GPG

1 ) Import my public key from a keyserver :

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 0x6149e199ee21159c

2 ) Verify the signature

gpg --verify filehashes.ausbitbank.sig

A valid clearsigned file will say this :

gpg: Signature made Thu 08 Dec 2016 10:40:59 PM AEDT using RSA key ID EE21159C
gpg: Good signature from "AusBitBank"

To manually verify file hashes against whats in the index

Hashes are saved in the index in this format

Linux users can get the sha256 hash for any file using :

sha256sum filename

For example :
sha256sum rest-in-peace/aaron-swartz.jpg

Gives this result :
a547f64789d0eadffecc3ab1da959b317b8b3f092e5b952dbaf3ea97e010710b rest-in-peace/aaron-swartz.jpg

You can then lookup that hash in the index to verify it matches.

This command combines 2 steps, calculates the unique hash, and then grep/searches for that hash in the index.

grep "`sha256sum rest-in-peace/aaron-swartz.jpg|cut -f1 -d" "`" filehashes.ausbitbank.txt

If you get no result, the hash didn't match anything in the index .
If the hash matches anything, it will dump the matching lines from the index like this example:


Future improvements

It's manual for now, but it's better then nothing imho . I'd like to automate verification, and find a way to also generate sha256-256 hashes in the format used by IPFS , since I expect the censorship of this info will only escalate..

I'm open to suggestions for better / more secure ways to do this!

View the latest commits on gitlab

~ @ausbitbank ~

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Thank you for doing this. Hash and digital signature is a great idea.