James Alefantis 's instagram profile picture is Antinous - A literal monument to pederasty / pedophilia ! [Git Repo updated]steemCreated with Sketch.

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Pizzagate Research Archive Updated

I just did a round of manually curating and merging updates to the pizzagate github repository, where I'm rebuilding my research archive after a disastertastrophe.

You can see the latest commit log here for update e51cb8bb4f3e1f7f01d2628a2302e7d8ddf3ee99

The repository is now already up to 689 files and 613mb!

There are a lot of interesting finds in this batch, including validation to the comet pizza basement theory, as covered by @bitcoinnational in "No Basement" claim on BBC .

Today I just want to highlight "jimmycommet" aka James Alefantis's instagram profile picture, as yet another example of a pedophilia reference "hiding in plain sight" all this time..

Antinous - boy lover of Emperor Hadrian

Remember this profile picture , that's every researcher has seen on every jimmycommet instagram post for weeks now ?

It's been yet another clue this whole time.

This image compilation says the story far better then I can, resource links to everything will be provided at the bottom at the post.

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Relevant Resources

Edit: Pushed another git commit - "Add Connecticut Ave property information and screenshots"

~ @ausbitbank ~

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I remember reading this post last fall before I joined steemit. What a crazy time!

I can't believe this post is only at $1.51. If it was breaking news today, it would be worth thousands!

Aha possibly - its cool to see these early pizzagate posts still getting views 6 months later :)

Yeah, I was reminiscing about those crazy days around election time when pizzagate was blowing up. That's the kind of shit we'll be telling our grandkids about. Haha.

"Way back in 2016, there was the election to end all elections! And then a week before the election the frontrunner's righthand man was implicated in occult Satanic worship and child trafficking."

Keep up the the great work. Thank you.

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What is curious to me...Hadrian was so into his boy lover that he didn't care who knew it...and in the end memorialized his boy lover.
Jimmy Comet, though, he has made his account private, he has not gone to extremes to hide much of anything. Clearly, he's proud to be a perv and must feel quite protected, but where is the other freak...John Podesta? You know, the one less easily to be made a victim of "fake news"?

Yeah im really curious wtf happened to john, has anyone seen him since he got pushed on stage when clinton refused to concede defeat?

Great work @ausbitbank!

I had missed that post. Great find!

Great work Ausbitbank. It all adds up and the researchers take some flak but we keep on searching as all GOOD journalists and investigators DO. We turn over every stone! MSM has no idea what this even looks like anymore so the average person ridicules those doing the actual research! Times will change soon enough. thanks to people like us.

Thanks mate :) Yeah it's frustrating, I don't understand how people can genuinely look at everything that's coming out over the last few weeks and then say this isn't worth investigating. Give them time

Wow you are really stretching.

Wow you are really in denial.

I guess they should send a swat team into that museum to clean out all the pedophiles.

aaand mute

Wonder if Steemit has picked up some (a) DNC trolls???

Feels that way sometimes, I just don't want to argue with people like cj that just aren't willing to read between the lines despite similar events being reported for decades. Followed you back btw

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