Git repos updated again + new pizzagate image compilations and coverage

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Moar git repos updates

I've updated the pizzagate research git repos again - now includes a lot more information about the "shooting" at comet pizza as well as plenty more archived voat posts. Github's censorship was only a minor setback.

The original "pedohunter" repo creator has been in touch and everythings back up and running fine with an extra few mirrors as well :)

Despite the hate and misinformation being spread online around this topic lately , I'm sticking with this.

Here's some recent events and compilations from the past few days - theres pleeeenty more in the git repos :)

David Seaman "Washington Post Just Blew The Lid On PizzaGate Big League"

Published on Dec 5, 2016

If you thought PizzaGate had run its course, think again: Is the Washington Post just a phenomenally biased, poorly run newspaper, or is it some kind of ingenious meta-media troll? In a curious article published earlier this afternoon, the Post has now put into the public record much of the correct details on the origins of PizzaGate, as they explained succinctly what PizzaGate actually is, and the basis for belief in its need to be further investigated by authorities.

Comet Pizza Hidden Rooms | Diner Experience

Published on Dec 4, 2016

Comet Pizza has several curtained-off rooms where people enter but do not exit. What are these rooms? Where do they lead? What's behind the curtain?

"Milo on why he can't speak about PizzaGate... Yet? "

Milo Yiannopoulos just backed out of an event he advertised like this :

With this strange vague excuse :

Zerohedge coverage :

The comet ping pong "shooter" false-flag event

This compilation is far from complete, but it's a start.

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Overall pizzagate compilation

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Comet Pizza hires "Frontier Public Affairs" crisis management firm

Reddit thread "Comet Ping Pong Hires Crisis Management Firm filled with Obama Insiders to Whitewash Pizzagate" was deleted , archived here

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This is the facebook event advertised by the the firm within 4 hours of the "shooting" event.
I'm curious exactly when they were hired.

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John Podestas conviced pedophile mates

This isn't even a complete list.

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Meanwhile in Australia

It's too hot for this shit.
I'm struggling to put a sentence together in this heat :(

At least my call for moon yesterday was on the money - today we hit ~31 cents :D

~ @ausbitbank ~

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Pretty solid summary!

For those that question whether "Pizzagate" needs to be pursued, I have one question: In your experience, have you done better playing dominos on cheese, or on pasta?


Excellent! I posted the Seaman video yesterday by itself...I wanted to get it on and seen in case it got taken down. This is really good...I've been working the Clinton/Laura Silsby angle for a while now. I came across it in e-mails from Huma & Cheryl Mills to HRC in 2010, while investigating the Clinton Foundation.


David is doing pretty well I hope he doesn't back off from the hate he's been getting. The more you look into the Haitian "anti" people smuggling "charities" the worse it looks.


It sure does...I think I might go back to researching that angle again. Somebody mentioned Monica Peterson and that needs more exposure along with the rest of the "Haitian connection." I've been focusing pretty much on the historical aspect of the child abductions (Queen Eliz. etc.)

I saw a couple of new vids from David, one was made after I posted. He seems more determined than ever, I'm more concerned for his safety than his backing off. We follow one another on Gab so I communicate with him some there.


I love WP that in their attempt to "debunk" the Monica Peterson / Haiti stories has been forced to give out a heap more information and draw more attention - PLUS show their bias again (They're owned by a major HRC donator)

Comments from here :

The author fails to mention this post she made were she specifies that she believes there is human trafficking occurring in the "Clinton's Caracol Complex". The author leaves this post out of his article, but includes a more sedate post she made about Clinton. Because the two posts are linked side by side in almost every context I've seen them in, I have to believe he's seen and read the first post in his research and this is a blatant attempt to deceive his readers. Without the first post, it looks like wild conjecture that she was researching a link between human trafficking and Clinton, which is what this article attempts to portray it as.

Also the key "friend" that this article continuously cites to back up their claim Petersen was not investigating Clinton, is a Denver based dominatrix. Not exactly a solid witness to the the professional pursuits Ms. Petersen might have had in Haiti.

And still the U.S State Department has not made an official claim about her death. To my knowledge this is the first mainstream publication that has covered her death at all, and the only reason for it to exist is to further discredit "fake news". Something is strange here.


There's another journalist named Nancy Schaefer that was killed as well. I believe she was also a journalist. I'm going to start digging. There are enough people covering Ping Pong and doing a fine job. There's an excellent movie called The Clinton Cash that gets into their financial malfeasances. I'm going back to that and "follow the money."

The theory that the old underground trolley/streetcar system tunnels run underneath Comet Ping Pong is incorrect.

I found a map of the old underground streetcar network and the Connecticut Ave branch ended just south of the Smithsonian Zoo. Comparing the steetcar map to Google Maps, and using the measurement tool makes the old tunnel end 2.5 miles too short of Comet Ping-Pong.

1948 Streetcar Map
1948 Steetcar Map

Also, I used to watch a lot of DIY and construction shows. IMHO, the work digging up the concrete floor is to repair/replace sewer lines. You can see the original concrete, the soil, the fresh gray aggregate to level/bed the pipes and the PVC pipes themselves. The hole dug against the wall is either a) a water seepage issue from outside where they intend to repair the moisture barrier. b) the foundation under the brick wall has cracked and needs underpinning to stop it getting any worse.

ausbitbank AusBitBank tweeted @ 06 Dec 2016 - 12:36 UTC

#cometpingpong hired "Frontier Public Affairs" a crisis management firm with suspicious connections - before or aft……

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

suziedaud Suzie-Q 🇺🇸 tweeted @ 05 Dec 2016 - 23:56 UTC

#PizzaGate & #Hampstead are not seperate claims of satanic child sacrifices/rape. They are LINKED, and the evidence will shock you. *THREAD*

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

New david seaman vid just looking at Obamas $65,000 "hotdog" party paid for by taxpapers..
This info was in my initial research dump a month ago but I'm not sure if its been forgotten in the noise ..

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