Fuckery afoot ? Research VM wiped (x3) + Facebook disabled my account and wants government ID.

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I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, but I should probably make a note here about it.
Over the last few days I've had some wierd problems :

Issue 1 - Repeated surgical deletion of research

The entire home folder of my research VM got wiped, not once but 3 times now in 24 hours..

I didn't ever have any problems with any other VM's, or any disk errors - something or someone just wiped out the whole home folder in 2 specific virtual machines without touching anything else.

I lost at least a few thousand images and hundreds of pdf's and notes, that had been pedantically sorted into folders covering pizzagate in the USA and the wider pedo networks across haiti/hawaii/thailand/uk/australia plus my wikileaks "where is assange ?" notes..

I'd already posted some of it, but I had been compiling these folders for weeks since my last full backup..

Epic Fail.

Luckily I had QubesOS configured in a way that lets me be fairly confident none of my crypto wallets or my main storage "vault" got touched at all.

I keep 99% of my stuff offline because of exactly this sort of "coincidence", I just wish I hadn't gotten lazy about backups.

My research and browsing VM's had been randomly maxing out CPU usage for seemingly no reason for about a week, and I had been suspicious but ignored it :o/

Just to be safe, I've now completely wiped my OS and installed QubesOS 3.2 from a fresh verified iso and redesigned my system layout to compartmentalize things even more - and will automate my backups in the future so this won't happen again.

I'm already rebuilding the collection, luckily the legion of researchers has grown massively since I started looking at this and there are now heaps of great compilations around the place - between steemit, voat, twitter and the chan's.

This helps a lot, but unfortunately I had a bunch of unshared files and notes that I was banking for future steemit posts that I'll need to manually recreate (if I can). Ouch :o/

Infinite Facepalm.

Issue 2 - Facebook disabled, wants government ID

I used to be a huge FB user aages ago, but lately all I've done there is share my steemit posts.
I hit the 5000 contact limit years ago, and had admin access to a bunch of pages there but constant censorship and annoyance at the way their newsfeed algorithm seems to promote bullshit and hide heaps of posts from my contacts unless I visit their page directly just reinforced why I'd rather use steemit instead.

After the first wipe, I restored my password database and went to my facebook profile :

Wait what ? I tried to login :

Fuckery is afoot! If you hit continue at this point, it wants either a phone number or government ID.
I've had this account for YEARS without ever being forced to hand over this information, until now ..

I found an ancient 18+ card with no address or unique ID code on it and gave them that but it just took the option away afterwards and nothing has happened since. Now the only remaining option is to give them a phone number, which I'm not willing to do.

Even if I get my facebook back, my plan is to just make one last appeal to everyone that will listen to move to Steemit, contact a few key people who I don't have other comms channels with - and then delete my facebook completely.

Lesson Learned: Don't get lazy with backups!

~ @ausbitbank ~

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I've heard of QubesOS but have stuck with TAILS for quite a while now. Before I started logging on to fb via their onion address (facebookcorewwwi.onion) I was starting to get annoying security and change-password messages. However... It does seem like someone might have reached through the void to mess with you. Have you tried getting the attention of any Qubes developer(s) about this?


btw I sent a fb message to you on the 18th of September - you're now listed as 'Facebook User'...


Hmm.. Sorry if i didnt respond i get so much fb spam the real messages get lost in the noise.. On my partners page it just removed my name completely from relationship status, same with all my "brothers" i had listed on there..


The vms that got compromised were running fedora, with no listening services, i think if it was a qubesos/hypervisor exploit then damage would have spread..
I get the feeling it came via firefox somehow

Man..That does sound suspect for sure. Let me know of any research I can assist with and how/where you'd like it provided to you.

Today, I saw two interesting vids about #pizzagate from two different YouTubers who always seem to manage to put some interesting and original symbolism analysis of their own:

Tony Podesta Sacrifice Art & The Elite Spirit Cannibalism of Marina Abramovic (by Thruthiracy3)

BREAKING: Comet Ping Pong SMOKING GUN?? (by Enterthe5t4rz)


Thanks for these will watch later tonight :)


My pleasure. :-)

It's hard to know who is aware of what, so I hope you'll find something new in there that can help with your research. Other channels of interest you might already know about:

-David Seaman
-Jay Dyer
-Jan Irvin & Joseph Atwill (UnSPUN on the Conscious Consumer Network)
-William Ramsey Investigates
-Ed Opperman


In the videos they keep referring to the art as Jeffrey Dahmer like...I think Apocalypto is much closer to the truth.

I follow your work here on Steemit with great interest and have to admit as a techno-geek I'm comparable with Neanderthal Man, so you lost me about a paragraph in. However, I did have a problem with Facebook...they suspended me for a week for a post I never made. There was a picture saved on my computer that they accessed, once again, I never posted it. This tells me that FB has access to whatever is on your comp. Keep up the good work...The truth will win in the end.


I see you and raise you as a comparable Neanderthal Woman in my own right. I haven't been engaged on Facebook for over a year now because of the infiltration of child abuse survivor groups and other nasty stuff I was seeing and experiencing. My account is still there but I will not go back.


I check in once or twice a day to keep up with friends...But I'm sick of "pray for Bob, he lost his phone and it had pictures of his cat on it" Not to mention the "survivor groups" I had someone threaten to unfriend me if I didn't cut & pste something about cancer survivors...Mass Insanity!!!


I totally agree, it is mass insanity. What I call #ProjectChaos has been fully implemented and is apparently going very well according to plan.


Here's some more evidence (as if there's not enough already)

Oh man! Sorry to hear about your files. That totally sucks - like devastatingly sucks. Been there...from my own stupidity, which is frustrating. Having someone wipe it? I'd be nuclear right now! Just remember to keep breathing.

Yes...This happened to me last year and in fact, I even posted about it on facebook at the time..


That sucks mate :( Did you get the account back ?


yes it sucks but I got my account back.. I did have to identify myself and upload photo ID but that's ok.. In my mind, I believe that the only true ID can be found in CHRIST. As for Facebook.... They can go F*#K their entire platform as they will reap what they sow.

interesanta bilder bravo

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