Alefantis's Achilles Heel: Pegasus Museum

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James Alefantis

He is the key player in the online investigation known as "Pizzagate". He is a business owner in Washington D.C., has no shortage of accusations against him including a former employee who claims that Mr. Alefantis drugged and sexually assaulted him. James owns several businesses that he publicly boasts about, and one that he strangely never mentions.

His Museum

Pegasus Museum is located in the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington D.C. According to public record, it is owned by Castellum Achilles LLC, which was registered to James Alefantis in June of 2014. The museum building was purchased approximately one month later. Three days after the purchase date, Alefantis added a listing on Google Maps for Pegasus Museum. At a later date, he gave it a five star rating, the single review on the listing.

Why is this suspicious?

There are a few things that just don't sit right about Pegasus Museum. Alefantis has never once mentioned it on social media, despite having owned it for over two years and having been very active on Instagram.

Researchers discovered the listing on Google Maps during their initial investigation into Alefantis, and he immediately deleted his review and the entire Google Maps listing itself.

James Alefantis Leaves Review


A Pizzagate researcher named Ryan O'Neal released a video delving into Pegasus and was subsequently harassed and threatened by Alefantis to such an extent that he deleted the video, shut down his website, and backed away from the investigation entirely. He claims that Alefantis threatened the life of his mother, girlfriend, and son. Alefantis reportedly told Ryan that he could keep up every one of his other videos, but needed to immediately remove the one regarding to Pegasus.

What is James Alefantis doing at Pegasus?

Researchers have been scouring public records and submitting their findings to internet forums like Voat and Reddit. Many have speculated that some sort of "kill room" or "holding center" for trafficked children exists there and others think that it is a shell business to hide illegal transactions; then again, those things are not mutually exclusive. Perhaps he doesn't mention it because he is embarrassed about a failed business venture.

Most of the evidence surrounding Pizzagate has been written off by the public as coincidental, or jokes made in extremely poor taste. Alefantis doesn't seem hesitant to boast about his family friendly restaurant with paintings like this on the wall:
image of weird artwork inside comet ping pong

Alefantis never mentions his museum. Why does he separate himself from it when it gets mentioned? Why does he allegedly threaten people when Pegasus Museum gets questioned?

Historically, museums were used as places for philisophical discussions and higher learning about the human condition. In ancient Rome, museums were considered the highest honor a building could hold.

It is possible that James Alefantis is simply ashamed by his failed attempt to run a museum. After-all, one of the most influential people in DC would certainly try to hide his or her association with failure. Perhaps we will never know what happens at the Pegasus Museum, or perhaps James Alefantis' own hubris will be his achilles heel.

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For Steemians that are still curious and would like to research more about James Alefantis' death threats to independent, investigator Ryan O'Neal please go to this excellent article by @wearechange

James Alefantis Threatens PizzaGate Researcher Ryan A. O’Neal

I think its been established now that the "kill room" is at the pig farm not pegasus

Pig farm seems to be owned by an anesthesiologist for extra creepy points.
Sorry i dont have links for the info atm, but its out there

After looking into the Pegasus connection what I found is that the building is the studio/workshop of a man named Joseph Margot. If you look at the pictures in this link you will see that it's the same place as the "museum."

Just googled a bit but didn't find anything about ''kill room'', a pig farm and/or an anesthesiologist. Before quitting on my Pizzagate research, I had found a Toms Creek but didn't pursue much in that direction.

It's near Fort Detrick.

If you find it again, I'm still interested to read what the info is about.


More on the owner here

I don't know if this will help but I know from Josh Reeves movie secret right volume 1 that the Bush family were big contributors to Reverend Sung Yung Moon. been a few years since I watched it might be other helpful info. He also covers a lot of info on Johnny Gosch and the Ring that he was kidnaped by in Volume II

I think it might be because it points to his connections with the moonie cult. Same cult founder started the washington post afaik

Pegasus was formerly owned by Joseph T. Scheve and Nellie T. Hubbard of New Hope Academy, affiliate of the "Moonie Cult" of Unification Church, funded by South Korean cult mogul Hak Ja Han.

Interesting lead.

I find these names interesting too:
Image of Alefantis' Welder friends

I talked to John (the pegasus construction guy) on the phone today. I approached the conversation from the point of view of getting an estimate for a contracting job. I'll just say this: for a guy who is listed as a project manager for the company that built the "Scalia House" John seemed nervous to talk about construction.

Aha nice work :)

I wonder if that hubbard is connect to scientology too.. Resteemed :)