EasyDex Photography Challenge Post #15 "Very Last Picture" "Moving Parts"

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@johnskotts "Moving Parts"

EasyDex Photography Challenge


To another @boyerobert Photo Challenge #15 "Very Last Picture" This will be my 7th entry, simple but unique in a very simple form here. I took a straight photo, gave it good light from the top, stood on a chair, and snapped away. I actually did these photographs for his current, Challenge #2 “The Usual Unusual" (I will drop a link to it below) so after posting his announcement, I started editing. This photograph was done in "Straight Photo" and "Black&White"
Challenge #2 “The Usual Unusual"

gave it good light from the top, stood on a chair, and snapped away


For this image I used my, again, iPhone 8 PLUS, the picture was in a "Straight Photo"and "Black&White". I did play with the edit here, tried to get a silver effect, and tone it to show all the pieces separately, plus to show all the little fibres.

tone it to show all the pieces separately,

Moving Parts

Why I call this photograph "Moving Parts" is simple, they come from sewing machine parts, the most visible parts are the feet, of the sewing machines. Every machine has it's own foot, and every make and model are different, some can be universal, but most aren't. Plus on top of that, every foot has a unique size and stitch, thats why you see so many. As well they do wear out. There is also different part's in here as well, from various parts of the machine. You will notice all these little fibres everywhere, this is from a fake fur collection I worked on, and were left behind in the studio, until this day full of fibres, let me tell you I did vacuum a lot those days. It's been over one year now, and these fibres are still present.

every foot has a unique size and stitch, thats why you see so many.

Contest #15,

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Greetings @johnskotts,

Lovely to find your work here.

All the best.



Hi, thank you so much, cheers, @bentleycapital

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Thank you

This actually is a very interesting photo. Lots to see ... and the sharpness is amazing.