I Love Nature Photocontest - Friday Airpics - Surreal

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Last summer we experienced a long period of drought in the Netherlands. During that period I went to a nature area in the area. This picture shows a burnt field of heather ... with a threatening sky above it, from which again no drop of rain has fallen.

It is fascinating how an air can be different. And this time I was lucky with what the sky looked like to photograph. It is also nice when it is cloudy because clouds form the most perfect soft box that you can imagine.

The light is evenly distributed and through the clouds you do not have any hard shadows from the sun. But you get nice soft shadows.

This photo I love because the whole photo doesn't look as The Netherlands at all. It has a surreal look for me. That's why I choose this photo for today.

CategoryI Love Nature Photocontest - Friday Airpics
SettingsISO 100, f10, s 1/200
CameraNIKON D300s
Lens18 - 55 f3.5 - f5.6
LocationSchaijk, North Brabant, The Netherlands

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Those clouds! That autumn field! Fantastic!

Thanks for finding my post and upvoting, I stalked followed you home to say hi.


Thanks for the compliment!

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Thank you.


That's what I thought when I stood there ... Really Surreal.