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Pivot? Yes Pivot. Its a social app specifically made for crypto enthusiasts. And since its launch March of this year, its been doing just that: Collating the crème de la crème of the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. In fact, in China alone, where it was 1st launched, it has over 2 million users already! And now its expanding worldwide riding a sweet daily BTC giveaway.

How To Earn Your Share Of The BTC Giveaway

Sign up here using your gmail account

Click the download link at the bottom of your page, and download the Pivot App

On the next page open and read any news item of your choice. After reading, click on the 'Get Read Power' button


If you got that right you should get the pop-up notification shown below


Depending on the speed of your connection, you may have to wait for the pop-up a few more secs, or touch that button again.

And........ VERY IMPORTANTLY, make sure to repeat this step 3 up to 20 times a day. That is, ready (or click that button for) minimum 20 posts.

Click the 'Share for Power' button underneath the posts and share the post.


Share, Share, Share.

As you might have noticed from the pictures above, every positive actions in the App rewards you with 'Power', just like steem power, and its the amount of power you can ganner in a day that determines the amount of BTC you get from the 4BTC pool for that day.

To get maximum reward therefore, simple read the news/posts on the App, send your invite link to your friends and tell them to read this guidelines, and heed the caveat below:

Don't try to cheat the reward system. You'd be banned from the reward.

Join now and start amassing huge BTC rewards day after day.

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