Pitch Perfect Week 54 - (Original Song) Blessed Entropy

in #pitchperfect5 years ago

Greetings Steemit Pitch Perfect!!!

This one is not new and appears on the early 2018 album In The Earth I Will Be Free. I had the release dates totally wrong in the video LMAO
Anyway, you can check this song out on Choon https://choon.co/tracks/0uicg7jyrru/blessed-entropy/
You can also download it if you like, just go here ;) https://morktra.com/digital-download/


I'd like to play with you my friend
In the end and in the right place and time
But lately I've been underground
Hasn't been just the right place and time

We are only falling apart
As the whole universe would be
Never fight this blessed entropy
As it defines what we never will become
Never will become
What we never will become Oohhh oohhhhh oh
What we never will become

A big thank you to
@alejandra23 @enginewitty, @thecryptodrive, @guiltyparties, @timCliff @smacommunity @mahdiyari @dsound
For this contest

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On this occasion what I liked the most was the original lyrics

Thank you very much <3
It's always nice to see your comments :)

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